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Teething - only has half of his bottle

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Mickj Fri 18-Mar-05 21:23:45

We have tried everything to ease our DS pain, from Parson's to Calgel; Frozen flannels and shaped dummies, but he is so uncomfortable. Still settles ok for his naps but feeding him is becoming a real problem. He only takes half of his bottle and then cries as the sucking must be hurting his gums. He will not take Calpol and just spits it out even when we use a syringe, so this evening I am going to put it in his bottle to see how that goes. Any ideas? His is 4 months so can't take some of the treatments.

Frizbe Fri 18-Mar-05 21:27:03

Have you tried Medised? I think they can have it from 4 mths, also ambosol onto the gums does the trick quite nicely, we also use Nelsons Teetha granules, which make dd want to take other things afterwards, once she's got a taste! (It could be he doesn't like the taste of Calpol, one of our friends has the same prob with her little one)
Also don't mean to be rude, but are you sure its the teeth with the bottle and not a build up of wind?

Mickj Fri 18-Mar-05 21:32:40

Thanks Frizbe, Will buy the stuff you recommend and give it a go. Tried the granules which he doesn't mind, but he is still in pain. Definitely not wind - he is always winded and then when you try him again with the bottle he cries and clamps his mouth shut! He has never suffered from wind in the past and burps well!

Mickj Sun 20-Mar-05 23:07:23

Frizbe - it worked a treat - he is much happier. Many thanks

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