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Have you got an NHS dentist?

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Wallaroo Wed 26-Nov-08 19:57:17

Just wondered after spending all yesterday afternoon trying to find one after moving back to the UK. It's a pain in the bum in the military as we move every 2-3 years, so far I have been lucky. Just wondered about everyone else.

thisisyesterday Wed 26-Nov-08 20:04:34

yes, I have

TheFallenMadonna Wed 26-Nov-08 20:06:05

No. THey used to be, but stopped with the new contracts. However, a check-up/fillings etc are about the same price as they were before the change, and the children are still free, so I assume they are NHS.

Wallaroo Wed 26-Nov-08 20:06:22

Are you the only one? grin

FrazzledFairyFay Wed 26-Nov-08 20:07:01

I have one too

Goober Wed 26-Nov-08 20:08:32


thisisyesterday Wed 26-Nov-08 20:10:32

whereabouts are you wallaroo?

Wallaroo Wed 26-Nov-08 20:11:12

Buckinghamshire, near Aylesbury

SazzlesA Wed 26-Nov-08 20:13:14

Message withdrawn

tortoise Wed 26-Nov-08 20:13:36

I have one too. (Somerset)

FrazzledFairyFay Wed 26-Nov-08 20:14:42

Mine is in Twickenham

SpecialOffer Wed 26-Nov-08 20:15:10

I have one (Hertfordshire)

thisisyesterday Wed 26-Nov-08 20:15:21

ahhh can't help then I'm afraid lol

can't you phone someone and they will give you a list???? I can't remember who though. in my head it's NHS direct, but that seems a bit odd

SatHereSitting Wed 26-Nov-08 20:15:41

I have one too ( West Yorkshire) but we got the last spaces apparently

wonderstuff Wed 26-Nov-08 20:16:50

I can't find one (North Hampshire)

Wallaroo Wed 26-Nov-08 20:17:39

Sorry my op was a bit misleading - I did spend all afternoon ringing round trying to find one and I was eventually successful but it did take ALOT of phone calls.

thisisyesterday Wed 26-Nov-08 20:18:25

try this?

thisisyesterday Wed 26-Nov-08 20:19:25

actually here you go you'll have to trawl through the results. but might throw something up

malfoy Wed 26-Nov-08 20:20:06

mine is in Wimbledon Park and we only registered last week.

mrsmalumbas Wed 26-Nov-08 20:21:14

I found one that will take the kids as NHS but me and DH have to go private. He is not so expensive, although it did cost DH 300 quid to get a crown replaced!

choosyfloosy Wed 26-Nov-08 20:23:00

Yes I have (found via the link thisisyesterday gives.) There shoudl be a phone number somewhere if you can't find one.

ohdearwhatamess Wed 26-Nov-08 20:25:10

No. Could have had one, but didn't like the look of the practice (Herts). I'm a bit scared of dentistsblush and prefer to pay for someone I feel comfortable with.

emma1977 Wed 26-Nov-08 20:45:42

Our family have and they're fab.

They were even advertising for new NHS patients in the local papers last week, so I assume places aren't that hard to come by round here.

notcitrus Wed 26-Nov-08 21:49:51

I live in south London where there are dozens of NHS dentists within a couple miles of me, all taking on new patients!

I suspect it would be cheaper for many people to book a cheap train ticket and Travelodge in London than have private dental care...

piscesmoon Wed 26-Nov-08 22:00:48

Yes-I have always had NHS dentist.

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