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Has anyone tried THYROSINE? For underactive thyroid.

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MogTheForgetfulCat Mon 24-Nov-08 19:22:39

Have just found a flyer for Thyrosine in the post, wondered if anyone had tried it...

I went to GP recently feeling pretty ropey - v tired and irritable all the time, mornings like wading through concrete, and just didn't feel entirely like myself. Had blood tests, came back "borderline" for thyroid function - low, but not quite low enough for them to prescribe Thyroxine. Re-tested, it had gone up a bit, so will have 3-monthly blood tests to monitor it for now and see what happens.

This week, I have started feeling really tired and ratty again, and mornings are a real struggle again. I am a bit unwilling to go back to the GP, as they have tested quite recently, and also last time I was there, the GP said, "Oh well, you have DS2 (9mo), of course you are tired" - which is true, but I really feel it's more than that. DS2 wakes once a night for a feed and goes back to sleep straightaway, so I am getting plenty of sleep.

Anyway, thinking of trying this Thyrosine, but don't want to if it's dodgy, a rip off etc.


TheBlonde Mon 24-Nov-08 19:48:36

You are better off going back to your GP imho

Ask for a referral to an endocrinologist

glamgranny Sat 17-Oct-09 11:44:26

I too received a leaflet and thought about trying Thyrosine but decided to look on the Internet first to see if I could find any information on the product. I suggest you look at the following as it states quite clearly in there that to use such a product when you have a normal thyroid could have an irreversible effect on your thyroid. Hope you get your problems sorted out. Cut and paste the following into your browser.

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