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Single MMR vaccinations?

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lunavix Thu 17-Mar-05 17:08:21

I don't want to start a mega debate!

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good clinic in the south - preferable around berkshire?

And at what age is best?

figleaf Thu 17-Mar-05 17:52:36

We had our son "done" at Desumo Healthcare Ltd. They are based in West View, bridge street, Ledbury HR8 2AN. Our son was 1. We went to a clinic in Worcester for the jabbs (different ones on different occasions) but they have clinics in lots of different places. They have a web site and phone number but they dont seem to be with my notes - sorry. My oldest son brings home a school news paper called primary times. Last term, there was an advert for Halcyon Health uk. These folks offer the single jabbs too but are based in Bath 01225448348. We didn`t use them so can`t tell you much but the advert implies that they do clinics in various locations too.

Hope this helps and that the debate you mentioned doesn`t break out.

Jasmum Thu 17-Mar-05 18:23:39

We had DD's single jabs done at a place in hemel Hempstead called Choice Healthcare. I live Nr Ascot & it takes about 40 mins on a good run. Let me know if you want the number & I'll dig
d it out.

unicorn Thu 17-Mar-05 18:26:08

Is Sunbury-on-Thames nearish?
Direct remedies (0845 130 4595)
Have just this week finished ds (age 3) with mumps vaccine..
the rest were done last year.

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