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Advice please

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Peckarollover Thu 17-Mar-05 16:39:32

ds (18 months) has what seems like a permanently chesty cough. its usually pretty terrible at night. he has had a few chest infections but with his last cold last week i took him to docs and his chest was pretty clear.

His cold has pretty much cleared up but he still has the chesty cough and general chestiness

Anyway for the last hour he has been sick about 8 times. But it doesnt seem like sick - not much at all of it and he is reALLy STruggliNG TO GEt it uP AND its verY thicK AND fLEmmY

just befORE THIS his bIG SistER GAve hiM SOme cut up STRAWBERRy laCE ( i KNOW< BAD MummY I DIDNT realise)
im not sure if its the strawberry lace
flem from his chest (can that happen? coming up as if #he was b#eing #sick#)

or if it is jUSt sICK foR Whatever reason (bug, something he has eaten etc)

what do you think? im really really tired of this chestiness now especially if its causing this

any ideas

ps sorry for typing and random caps - the little blighter is bashing the keyboard! (he is fine in between "sicks"

jangly Thu 17-Mar-05 16:47:23

If he's been swallowing catarrh from his nose, he could be sicking that up. And it could be dripping down the back of his nose at night making him seem chesty.

Keane Thu 17-Mar-05 16:47:31

have you told the GP?

it could just be left over stuff, or it could still be a chest infection. Have you tried a bit of chest physio?

Really if you are that worried take him to your GP and say he seems very chesty.

You dont have any pets he might be allergic to?

Peckarollover Thu 17-Mar-05 16:50:11

we have no pets - the doc last time just said make sure he doesnt have a feather pillow ffs in case it was that

i have been loads of times just to say "help, he is so chesty all the time im sure it cant be normal"

and he just says yes it is

Peckarollover Thu 17-Mar-05 17:53:46

he isnt keeping anything down now - but is chirpy in between each sick

his lips go blue after each one - is this normal?

Cod Thu 17-Mar-05 18:06:18

Message withdrawn

bundle Thu 17-Mar-05 18:09:54

p, i think lips can go blue with severe coughing eg i've heard of it with whooping cough, also dd had vomiting last week and had tiny pinprick rash on her face because some of the capillaries under her skin had burst with the strenuous exertion (!). i too think that some children are just "chesty" but do go back to gp if you're worried

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