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Has your get up and go got up and gone?

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Fedup2 Mon 10-Mar-03 23:12:30

Hello ladies it is me again + a bottle of wine.
Have any of you had PND and just found most about everything impossible to contend with. I've just had a v v good friend round and though I was looking forward to it I couldn't be bothered to make an effort (though I cooked a meal). I am being forced to go to the gym as it is good for me (I've paid membership in advance) but really cannot be bothered with the socialising aspect, I am very overweight and fed up with sarcastic comments. Basically, how do i deal with the looks and stares and also the comments. I want to do nothing but eat and sleep at the minute.

Please help.

giraffe Tue 11-Mar-03 07:41:55

sympathies to you ,I think it is wrong that another person can make some feel that way without even knowing anything about them.I am sorry you are feeling down, I would suggest you set yourself small achievable goals , maybe a 10 minute walk each day, or no snacks til midday, something you can build on, at leat it will give you a sense of achivement. I would suggest you look for support maybe weightwatchers or could you team up with a friend to loose weight. But try not to feel sensitive to others, easy to say I know, but its your life not theres

IDismyname Tue 11-Mar-03 10:58:36

I found Weightwatchers a great help. Go to one of the daytime meetings and you'll be surrounded by other mums trying to shift post (or pre?!) natal weight. I've made a few friends going to the meetings, and I find it strangely addictive...!
Good luck. Hope you feel better soon.

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