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anyone got this horrible virus that gives you backache etc?

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cutekids Thu 17-Mar-05 10:57:35

i've got this horrible virus that makes you feel slightly nauseaous, sore throat but worst of all you can't sit down for long! it's like a sciatic pain in the lower back but it kind of comes round to the front aswell-like you want to push something out! i'm pretty sure it is a virus as a couple of the mums from the school have had the same thing and my mum's got it too. anyone else and - out of curiosity-where abouts in the country are you? i'm in north wales

bossykate Thu 17-Mar-05 11:09:42

yes it is vile! i'm in london.

cutekids Thu 17-Mar-05 11:11:47

exactly same symptoms?

evasmom Thu 17-Mar-05 11:16:32

yep woke up with it this morning feel like crap!!

I'm near birmingham

bossykate Fri 18-Mar-05 15:16:37

i had backache all the way from neck to pelvis, together with diarrhea - nice. gone now though, thank goodness.

Marina Fri 18-Mar-05 15:17:48

bossykate resurgens! Albeit with backache
How are you apart from feeling crappy?

bossykate Fri 18-Mar-05 15:36:05

apart from rubbish job situation, in agonies of guilt about returning to work, crippling migraines, dwindling milk supply... on top form thanks

Marina Fri 18-Mar-05 15:39:09

not a good week then. Hope the weekend helps, so sorry to hear of all woes bunched together at present

logic Fri 18-Mar-05 16:26:34

yes, it's called pregnancy Only 7 more weeks of it to go - do I seem bitter?

MistressMary Fri 18-Mar-05 18:35:20

Felt a bit sicky today, muzzy head, tired and very very achy. No rest for the wicked though as my boy is getting some molars through.

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