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Any Sexual health experts out there???

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Tessiebear Wed 16-Mar-05 18:24:19

A friend of mine is trying for a baby. She has been with her DH for 6 years. Previous to that she had a v. brief relationship with a bloke who during their relationship E-mailed her to say "you might want to get tested because my ex has / may have ......... infection" My friend cannot remember the name of the infection and had since dismissed it because she thought a smear test would detect such things ......
The guy has since gone back with his ex and they have a baby.
What should she do??? Is she worrying over nothing??? Would she have NO symptoms after 6 years and HAVE something??
Thanks in advance

kalex Wed 16-Mar-05 18:25:29

If it were me, I would be tested regardless, rather than worry needlessly for years.

Twiglett Wed 16-Mar-05 18:26:53

I'd be tested too, a smear test won't tend to test for various STDs

could it have been chlamydia? that can lead to infertility in women and is quite prevalent amongst teenagers

Tessiebear Wed 16-Mar-05 18:27:24

Thats the thing she has only suddenly thought about it as she is ttc. She hasnt given it a second though for 6 years

turquoise Wed 16-Mar-05 18:28:04

She should definitely test. Chlamydia for example has virtually no symptoms and could do serious damage.
Everyone should have regular tests if they have unprotected sex with more than one partner.

Twiglett Wed 16-Mar-05 18:28:13

I know that because I did a pitch for a Government dept dealing in Sexual Health and getting the message across to teenagers a few years ago_

Tessiebear Wed 16-Mar-05 18:28:16

She doesnt think it was Chlamidia ... all the STD's i suggested ... she didnt think it was

lou33 Wed 16-Mar-05 18:29:23

Definitely test, symptoms of infections can be more hidden in women

Tessiebear Wed 16-Mar-05 18:29:55

P.S how long does it take to wait for a test result ?? Is it a swab? Bloods? Or Urine?? (i say this as she is going on holiday in 2 weeks and wants to eliminate the worry ... she will also be doing a pg test whilst on hols)

lou33 Wed 16-Mar-05 18:31:36

Depends on the test and what it is for

Tessiebear Wed 16-Mar-05 18:34:12

I will advise her to go to a clinic and get tested

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