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MrsBigD Wed 16-Mar-05 18:02:49

DD's school has an 'outbreak' and so far I've seen no lice etc on dd, but...

I've got dandruff so how do I tell whether I've got nits when combing through my hair as I've got 'white stuff' stuck in the comb... no life sightings though

Sorry for the daft question, but I've never had lice/nits before so no idea.

psychomum5 Wed 16-Mar-05 18:30:26

Nits are black, so if you only see white stuff you are clear!!!

Don't bank on being nit free for long tho....My girlies seem to be forever getting do I. I never got nits as a child, only now as an adult all cos the bloody schools won't keep a nit-nurse on site to banish those kids whose parents just don't care enough to keep them clean.

I tell you what....if schools had the power to send nitty kids home, the parents would sure deal with it then. Parents who don't care about their kids to keep them clean, don't care about their kids to keep them home, so would make sure they stayed clean then!!!

Can you tell I get riled about this subject????
The head in my school runs and hides now when I go in to complain...I even offered my services to teach the parents how to de-nit their children, got turned down tho cos of the human rights issue.
I want to know what happened to the human rights of my kiddies who keep getting infected. (majorly !!!!!!!!!!)

MrsBigD Wed 16-Mar-05 20:29:00

now how can it be against human rights to show somebody how to delouse?! I'd be more than happy to get a crash course in what to do as I never had them so now I've got to do it the way I think it needs to be done.

Spoke to my friend in Israel today and she's got an ongoing problem with nits etc. with her 2 girls (7 & 10). They've got the added problem that those suckers seem to like the heat. She recommends using the electro comb first, then at least the blighters can't jump away during the wet combing. I'll defo give that a try if (I know, ever hopeful me!) and when dd catches them.

Oh and have to slighly disagree with you on the 'clean' issue... clean hair doesn't necessarily mean nitfree hair ;). But I do agree that parents should at least try and keep the hair pest free I say try, as I know of a few parents, including my friend who've tried everything under the sun to get rid of the plague but still are suffering.
Have to say I don't envy one of the mothers though... her ds has very tight curls and hates being combed even more than my dd who has dead straight hair...

ponygirl Wed 16-Mar-05 20:59:50

Can I just say for info that there are white bits in the hair which are the empty egg cases. They stick to the hair shaft, unlike dandruff which comes straight out. They're buggers to get out actually, I think the only way is individually with your finger nails. I tend to stick to worrying about the live buggers! Good luck, it's hell, I know!

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