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coil? for heavy periods

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toomanypushchairs Wed 16-Mar-05 14:35:18

Any advice, or experiences? Went to doc's this morning, at last, have been putting this off for nearly two years. brief bit of history... always had heavy periods, runs in the family, always regular though, pill sorted it out before dt's 2.3yrs. dh had snip so no pill, periods getting worse, ridiculously heavy, need to do something. Doc says 1st choice 'Mirena' plastic hormone releasing coil. 2nd choice pill. Mum and Sis say no way, (doc says will make periods lighter and possibly disappear for good!)

BubblesDeVere Wed 16-Mar-05 14:38:21

i will be interested to hear the replies to this, I too suffer greatly, but I'm not regular and it can go on for about 14 days, alot of which, I am in agony. I can't take the pill and have been told the option could be the coil which I;m not sure about.

LIZS Wed 16-Mar-05 14:45:38

Mirena can and more often than not does make bleeding lighter, or even disappear altogether, unlike the traditional coil which may be what your mum and sis are thinking of. You may still get pms though and there are other, anecdotal , side effects.

Tiggiwinkle Wed 16-Mar-05 14:55:13

I was advised to have a Mirena fitted as I was having heavy bleeding as a result of being on warfarin. It really does work-my periods are very light, and some people have no bleeding at all. Be prepared for some frequent, but very light, spotting initially though.

toomanypushchairs Wed 16-Mar-05 22:19:17

thank you, LIZS am worried that the promise of lighter or no bleeding will not happen, as I was told this when I had a contraceptive injection 5yrs ago. Tiggiwinkle thanks, needed to hear some proof that it might work. As I really don't want to be on the pill for the next 20yrs(i'm only 31)I think i'm going to have to try it, just need to get brave now and go and do it!

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