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I had to have really bad luck , erymax nightmare

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melsy Wed 16-Mar-05 09:48:59

Sis got tonsolitis last week , & guess what I contract pharyngitis just 3 days later. Got it diagnosed on Monday, was given erymax and not the usual amoxicilen/penicillen as came out in weird lumpy rash everywere afer that last time.

So what lovely side effect do I get from erymax last night after 5 doses and increasing stomach pain, but hallucinations /giddyness and violent vomiting (assuming my body was trying everything to eradicate it from my body). Boy I have had a scary night. Phoned pharmacist who said if suscebtable (sp?)to side effects then yes it can lead to vomiting et al!!!. So phoned surgery and receptionist said she doesnt know why they give that stuff out still as everyone she knows has vomited on it.So message left for doc to prescribe me somethig else to collect later. Im still shaky and worried to eat anything , as even water got expelled. Anyone else has similr problems with anti biotics ??? Think dh thought Id gone looney , as screamed there were electronic spiders with bright torch light eyes everywere !!!

melsy Wed 16-Mar-05 09:52:39

I thought Id start feeling better over the last 48hrs , but now feel worse getting over all that from the last couple of days. Ive spent the last few days since Friday afternoon either in bed shivering with temperature or half comatosed on the sofa with dd chucking toys at my sorry a*s!!

anorak Wed 16-Mar-05 10:10:38

Oh melsy how rotten for you. Just got your email. Hope you get this sorted and get prescribed something better xxx have emailed you.

melsy Wed 16-Mar-05 10:13:47

thanx , Im even worried about water still, Im eying it with suspicion as i write!!

dont know were my soh has come from this morn , spose its just the situation has made me laugh. As dh was the one to say that I had to have had some really bad luck to have contracted vomit bug on top of phrayngitis too if it wasnt the pills !!

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