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poorly cough

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vict17 Tue 15-Mar-05 20:30:10

My 11 month old ds has a nasty cough. It doesn't seem to bother him in the day but at night he coughs in his sleeps, and cries out (still in his sleep). It sounds like he's having trouble breathing (bunged up nose) too. Does anyone have any tips to help the poor wee fella? TIA

vict17 Tue 15-Mar-05 20:46:35

eek, he's still whimpering in his sleep

BadgerBadger Tue 15-Mar-05 23:44:09

I find karvol really good for loosening cattarh. Also, causing a more humid atmosphere by placing a wet towel on the radiator in the room always helps my DD's.

Saline nose drops (ask at your pharmacy) can be good to loosen a very bunged up nose.

I really sympathise, DD1 has a similar thing ATM.

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