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Calling mums of kids with hearing loss

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Peckarollover Tue 15-Mar-05 13:34:26

My DS was diagnosed with glue ear last week - he is 18 months and will be getting grommets when he is around 2.

I recieved a letter today confirming diagnosis and it mentioned his hearing is in the range of 20-30 dcb - I just wondered how low/high this is.

Anyone know?

Peckarollover Tue 15-Mar-05 13:36:50

Sorry, got that wrong it says 30-40 dcb

northerner Tue 15-Mar-05 13:39:09

Hi Pecka!

My ds has glue ear also and had grommets just before his 2nd birthday.

I beleive that 60 db is a normal conversation and 30 db is a whisper.

How did they test his hearing - was it a machine behind him that made a noise with a flashing light/dancing frog?

Peckarollover Tue 15-Mar-05 13:42:52

He had the tests with the flashing clown which they stopped as it was obvious he was hearing very little - I think his hearing was really bad that day (the hearing can fluctuate with glue ear apparently) He had the tests where they send the impulse in his ear I think, something beginning with a T!

Was your little one very clumsy too? Harvey is desperately clumsy - some days so bad I want to just hold him all day so he cant come to any harm. The consultant confirmed this and a little speech delay was all due to the glue ear.

nutcracker Tue 15-Mar-05 13:45:52

found a siote about this the other day, will look for it

northerner Tue 15-Mar-05 13:47:37

Tbh I never noticed the clumsiness. He is my first child so maybe he was clumsy but I just put it down to toddlerdom.

Don't worry about the op though. It was the best thing we ever did for ds.

Peckarollover Tue 15-Mar-05 13:51:55

The op cant come soon enough! Im so pleased its been caught early so that his hearing will get better and he will be right on track by the time he starts school

nutcracker Tue 15-Mar-05 14:01:56

Arrgghh can't find it sorry.

My Ds (2.3) is awaiting a retest as he also failed his last test. He failed at 30 decibels, which the doc said is the level we need to be able to hear at for speech to develop correctly.

Will keep looking for the site.

Oh wanted to ask you, had your Ds had ear infections ???? Mine hasn't ever had one afaik, but can they still have glue ear then ???

geogteach Tue 15-Mar-05 19:46:15

Ds1 has glue ear in addition to a sensoral neural loss. Still confused about audiograms but the national deaf childrens society web site is good and I think one of the leaflets you can down load there is on glue ear. He hasn't had ear infections, I can echo what others say about the op being straightforward. We may need another one soon as latest test was not so good, waiting to hear if the glue has returned or another problem.

Peckarollover Tue 15-Mar-05 20:51:52

Sorry only just saw your question nutty - he has had a couple of ear infections - probably about four. So not too excessive I dont think but way more than DD has had and she is 5

Aimsmum Tue 15-Mar-05 21:02:34

Message withdrawn

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