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Hard lump on back under bra strap - any ideas

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cyanarasamba Thu 13-Nov-08 21:58:32

Seems a bit too minor to bother my GP with at the moment but it's beginning to bother me.

I've a hard lump which seems to have developed under my bra strap on my back. It's not a spot as it's not red and seems deeper under the skin. I don't think it's a cyst as it's slightly more painful than I remember them being.

Can anyone shed any light? TIA.

Zahrah Thu 13-Nov-08 22:00:23

Cyan when it comes to lumps get yourself booked in to see a GP asap. That is what they are there for.

lauraloola Thu 13-Nov-08 22:01:21

I know a few people who have had lumps on their backs. They had them removed and tested but all came back fine.

My Dad had 2 and they were fine - I think they told him it was just fatty tissue that had built up.

Maybe best to get it checked out.

SauerKraut Fri 14-Nov-08 07:52:18

I'm having a huge one removed soon- they will test it but it usually is just fatty tissue- a lipoma, I think it's called.

cyanarasamba Fri 14-Nov-08 13:03:02

Ok thanks all - will pop to the docs next week. Have haunted them for the last 4 weeks with a chest infection so was hoping to give them a break for a bit!

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