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Can I get sterilized during a c section?

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Kelly1978 Tue 15-Mar-05 08:00:18

At my scan yesterday they found both twins are breeech, and one is still growing very slowly, so it looks like a c section before the end of the week for me.
What I wanted to know is, if I cn ask to be sterilized at the same time? With four kids I'm def not planning any more and cos I have probs with contraception was plannign to go for a sterilization soon in any case.
I'm sure I've heard of people being sterilized during cesareans, and need to know if it is a possibility to ask the consultant this morning.

MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 08:02:03

No idea Kelly, but I'd ask him anyway. I had considered that question myself but dh was against it as it was another 'procedure', though my opinion was 'they're in there already anyway'.

Can't hurt to ask the consultant. All he can say is no

lockets Tue 15-Mar-05 08:03:38

Message withdrawn

LIZS Tue 15-Mar-05 08:06:11

Yes I believe it is possible but that I'd heard there is a greater risk of failure.

ladymuck Tue 15-Mar-05 08:35:50

Yes, they can do it. They don't always like to though until they're sure that all is well with the baby.

Prufrock Tue 15-Mar-05 09:13:35

Yes you can, but consultants don't always like to do it as they feel your decision making may be influenced because you are pregnant and hormonal. But if you can convince yoru conultant that this is a rational, well thought out decision it is possible.

MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 10:10:30

I think you can make a reasonable case with having 4 kids and not wanting any more... I've only got 2 and that's plenty! I admire you!

Janh Tue 15-Mar-05 10:14:33

I was sterilised after my 4th, Kelly - all 4 were sections and they were quite keen on me not having another!

nutcracker Tue 15-Mar-05 10:17:50

I was asked if i wanted to be steralized when i had my 3rd child. It was my 3rd section, and i had a prob during pregnancy that would get worse in any future pregnancies.

I refused on the basis that although i didn't want any more children at that point, i was only 24 (am 26 now) and i couldn't say for sure that i wouldn't change my mind.
They were annoyed as they said even if i wanted more children, they considered it too risky and so sterilization was highky recommended.
I am glad i refused because i have since discovered that having a 4th section isn't actually that uncommon or that risky and also that lots of women have had subsequent pregnancies with the other prob i have.

How old are you Kelly ????

mears Tue 15-Mar-05 10:23:04

You can be sterilised at C/S Kelly, but many consultants prefer not to do it because of a few reasons.

The risk of failure is higher because the tubes are much bigger during pregnancy and there is a risk that they can reattach themselves again. Certainly they are tied, cut and the ends diathermied (cauterised) but the failure rate is 1:200 instead of 1:2000 when done later.

The other issue is that there is a risk something could happen to the baby either at delivery or the risk of cotdeath in the first few months. As already mentioned, your mindset may not be the best when about to deliver or having just delivered. We have been talking about it on the other thread. I myself got sterilised when DD was 3 months (babe no.4)

iota Tue 15-Mar-05 10:25:14

During my second section the surgeon told me that if we had arranged it before hand she could have sterilsed me at the same time. I wish I had known before, as I was 42 and had absolutely no plans for any more children.

MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 10:28:06

sorry to hijack but I've got a quick question to those ladies who've been sterilised... what's the procedure like, recovery etc.?

I've been given a POP (microval) by my GP for contraception (I'm 37 and ex smoker) and now have had feedback that there might be side effects like weight gain and depression etc so looking for other viable options.

Apologies for hijacking Kelly and best of luck

Janh Tue 15-Mar-05 10:47:51

When I said "after" I actually meant "during" so I can't help, Mrs D.

My SIL had it done though - many years ago, her youngest is nearly 24, may be different now - and said the worst bit was all the gas swilling around inside afterwards (she was sort of inflated apparently!)


MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 10:50:24

oh so it's done vial laparascopie? I think I'll do a quick google and then start my own thread.

Sorry for intruding

lou33 Tue 15-Mar-05 12:49:35

i asked this question when i was pg with ds2, who is now four, as there was a possibility i would have a c/s. The consultant said they can do it, but prefer to give it at least 3 months after, as failure rates of sterilisation are higher if done immediately after birth, due to the tubes being swollen. Give it 3 months and they are back to their normal size, and the clips are unlikely to slip

Kelly1978 Wed 16-Mar-05 15:48:44

Thanks for all the replies, I've only just checked back to the thread. I think I will wait until after, my main concern being if something was to happen to the babies and I was sterile. I'm 26 btw, quite young for it, but with 4 kids (the twins were an accident) I def don't want more. I was going to ask the consultant, but after all the arguements about me wanting the section this week, I doubt she thinks I'm rational to make such a decision anyway!

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