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could this be IBS?

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lilsmum Mon 14-Mar-05 21:14:10

a few months ago i went to my gp because i had been suffering with terrible stomac cramps, he said it was bowel spasms and gave me some tablets (which did the trick) cant remember what they were called now. also sometimes i struggle to go the loo and other times i have to run to the loo (iykwim) the stomach cramps dont happen very often at all, but happened today in which i actually had to go to bed, and the pain was unbearable (could only describe the pain as almost like contractions when in labour)and this pain went on for 6 hrs i havent eaten anything unusual to my normal diet either, and i could bearly stand, now the pain is gone i feel like i have been punched repeatedly in the stomach (my stomach muscles) is there anyone on here that suffers with IBS? does this sound familiar? should i go to my GP?

ks Mon 14-Mar-05 21:21:47

Message withdrawn

lilsmum Mon 14-Mar-05 21:52:34

thanks ks, think i am gonna go see my gp in the morn, couldnt cope with that pain again xx

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 21:55:18

sounds like it - I had a mild form but I know someone who has it bad - I was using linseeds (from Holland & Barrett) which helped me so he decided to give them a try too - put the seeds in his yoghurt (I put them on my cornflakes) he said they helped him a lot too. Might be worth a try only 50p a bag too!

pixel Mon 14-Mar-05 22:01:38

I used to have IBS and it can be VERY painful. The worst time I spent half an hour in the bathroom in such agony that I couldn't move and I couldn't even call out to dh who had no idea what was going on. Never six hours though.
There were certain things I had to avoid eating (pizza was asking for trouble)but I found stress was also a factor.
Your symptoms sound very similar to mine (they started all of a sudden btw)but I think you must go to the doctor to make sure. It's funny that you should liken the pains to contractions because my IBS was much less severe after I started to use labour-type breathing exercises to get through the worst pains. I had suffered for years before that but now I am rarely affected (thank goodness!). I always found that a warm bath or hot-water bottle helped as well.

pixel Mon 14-Mar-05 22:04:36

Never knew about the linseed but it's reminded me that I used to take peppermint capsules too which were quite good.

Flossam Mon 14-Mar-05 23:34:59

Linseeds are brilliant at keeping you regular when used every day. Much better for you than taking laxatives. I would go and see GP. That dosen't sound quite right. Hopefully it can be controlled better. Good luck

lilsmum Mon 14-Mar-05 23:41:15

thanks everyone,its not so much the toilet side of it, i am quite regular. its the pain is my main prob, today has just been horrendeous

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 23:42:06

I had peppermint capsules too (Mintec I think) they were good but expensive!

JoolsToo Mon 14-Mar-05 23:43:56

but lilsmum if you're having difficulty one minute and running the next you need to get sorted.

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