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Help!headlice winning after a month and loads of treatments!

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dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 15:06:17

What works???Am desperate-Ds hair getting so long as too embarressed to go to hairdressers-endless combing-used Lyclear/Full Marks/tea tree-I'm sure when I was a kid my mum would douse my hair in Suleo shampoo and they would drop out like flys!!-whats going on with the chemicals they are putting in these things-they're crap!!!?

Snugs Mon 14-Mar-05 15:08:52

Stop using chemicals and just use the wet comb method using conditioner on damp hair. Repeat daily.

dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 15:11:16

Any old conditioner??

Pinotmum Mon 14-Mar-05 15:11:56

I agree, just use conditioner and comb through a section at a time.

Pinotmum Mon 14-Mar-05 15:12:14

Any conditioner should do.

Snugs Mon 14-Mar-05 15:13:53

I buy the cheapest cream conditioner I can get. Just something to make the hair slick and the nits and lice sticky. Little buggers can't move and you can comb them out.

Must keep doing it though so that you go all the way through a life cycle.

Once clear, repeat on a weekly basis to ensure they haven't caught them again!

dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 15:16:11

Thanks snugs!! By the way,do you know how to delete a thread you have started from-Threads I have started list or cant you??

Snugs Mon 14-Mar-05 15:21:35

Don't think you can delete - they will drop off list automatically after 10 days.

Why, after just typing on a thread about nits, am I now scratching my head like crazy?

Cha Mon 14-Mar-05 15:26:19

Second what everyone else has said. Even my GP told me to do this - cheap conditioner and a lice comb every day until they are gone. It's effective and a lot less expensive! Good luck

dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 15:30:00

Cheers!Im always scrating and getting people to check my hair as convinced have got them but luckily havent!

noddyholder Mon 14-Mar-05 15:51:12

Agree wet combing with a nitty gritty comb works they are about a tenner at

geekgrrl Mon 14-Mar-05 15:59:32

Agree with everybody else - Bug busting works a treat, is cheap, and involves no nasty chemicals.

dropinthe Mon 14-Mar-05 16:41:43

Cheers for taking the time for that!!

MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 11:52:17

Just the thread I needed... got the 'head lice' letter today from dd's nursery... and I'm itching like hell ... must be something psychological.

Off to get a combe and some cheapo conditioner. I wish I had my dh's hair... no nits/lice stand a chance on his no. 1 haircut

mears Tue 15-Mar-05 11:57:10

Agree with the conditioner route. There is a comb you can use on dry hair that electrocutes them My friend got one out of desparation with daughter with long hair. Kills the lice. Conditioner combing gets rid of eggs.

mears Tue 15-Mar-05 12:00:16


mears Tue 15-Mar-05 12:02:25


Thought the above link might help. Not so clear about lice comb but my friend found it worked.

MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 12:03:24

and one more question for all you knowledgable mn'ers... I've never encountered head lice before... does one do pre-emptive treatment of the whole familyonce lice have been found in the class? Thanks
[goes off to scratch imaginary foes]

Carla Tue 15-Mar-05 12:04:03

Noddy, we got our Nittygritty comb on prescription. DDs said it felt much nicer, and I could see live eggs in the water which I couldn't with the other combs. However, either I was crap at it or dd2 kept getting reinfested.

In desperation bought an electronic lice comb and used it every day (and still do, she's been clear for ages) As they hatch, you zap them, till there are none left mature enough to lay eggs. Good luck! Quite miss that satisfying 'crack' as I squidged them on the white paper .....

Carla Tue 15-Mar-05 12:28:20

No, MrsBD, there's a government health warning about that one every box .... Just keep checking.

bundle Tue 15-Mar-05 12:30:10

the evidence on the electric combs isn't very convincing acc to that link

MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 12:31:32

Thanks Carla,
might start the wet combing anyhow for peace of mind... and to relieve my imagenary itch.

Hope dd doesn't 'catch' them as she HATES having her hair combed. I'm envisaging dh pinning her down and me combine her ... aaaaaaaaagh

Tissy Tue 15-Mar-05 12:33:18

Don't dowse the whole family in insecticide on the off-chance, but it is worth everyone having a wet-comb through when you spot the blighters, as they can hide, and when they hide they can lay eggs...

MrsBigD Tue 15-Mar-05 12:35:30

thanks tissy, wasn't going to go for the chemicals anyhow, I've got sensitive skin

Carla Tue 15-Mar-05 12:35:43

Same here, MrsBD. You'll discover that headlice are water off a duck's back compared to getting your children to sit still whilst you comb them. Dd2 has never had her hair cut. Even the Famous Five video and a bit of chocolate didn't work.

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