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Anyone know anything about ovarian cysts?

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messylittlemonkey Tue 11-Nov-08 15:20:46


I've posted a few times about my ovary pain and am currently waiting for an appointment for a u/s scan to see if there's anything to see.

In a nutshell, I've had pain in my left ovary on and off since June this year. It seemed to start around the time of an early miscarriage. It's not an infection as this has been ruled out. The first spell of pain lasted for about 6 or 7 weeks and went away after taking anti inflammatory tablets. I thought the problem had cleared up as I had two months with no problems.

The same pain returned about 4 weeks ago and this time I have lower back pain in the same area. I've also had some difficulty passing urine in the last day or so, not painful and I don't need to go much, but when I do go, only a little comes out.

I know that these are all symptoms of cysts, but I have no other symptoms. The various GPs who have felt my pelvis couldn't feel anything. Is it normal that a cyst could cause pain, but not be felt by the GP? Also, is it likley that a cyst could come and go like that?

As I'm a natural pessimist, I've got myself all worried about ovarian cancer and doubt I'll settle until I've had the scan!

I'd be grateful if anyone could give me any info or advice about cysts.


misi Tue 11-Nov-08 15:36:57

this is a site I use sometimes, have a read and see what you think.
It does state several times though that cysts develop without other symptoms. and also it tells of how most common types of ovarian cysts do come and go.

cancerous cysts don't go and cause many other symptoms. have a read and any questions, let us know?

jenkel Tue 11-Nov-08 15:39:59

I've had problems with cysts, had them drained and they have filled up again and also had one removed.

Also I have a feeling I have had another cysts, because I have had the dull ache feeling that I can remember from before, but the pain does come and go for quite long periods, I think they can drain with your natural cycle and then fill up again at some stage.

messylittlemonkey Tue 11-Nov-08 15:59:05

Thanks, Misi, the link was useful. As you say, it seems unlikely that a cancerous cyst would disappear for two months before returning!

Jenkel, you sound as though you've had plenty of experience! Have you had any other symptoms with your cysts?

messylittlemonkey Tue 11-Nov-08 18:26:05

Misi, you sound knowledgable - are you medically trained?

misi Tue 11-Nov-08 22:14:00

I am a herbalist but have studied modern meds too

cheshirekitty Tue 11-Nov-08 22:42:02

Cysts can come and go, especially ovarian cysts. You need to wait and see what your ultrasound shows.

It is very unlikely a cancerous cyst would disappear.

Good luck with your ultrasound.

SubRosa Tue 11-Nov-08 23:18:07

Fluid-filled cysts can come and go, but other sorts of ovarian cysts won't. Even if the ultrasound shows a solid mass, if isn't necessarily cancer, as some cysts contain solid (benign) tumours.

stewart2000 Wed 12-Nov-08 09:45:54

i am having same problems at the minute i had a scan and was told i had a cyst on ovary about 2 months ago but since then i havent had a period and the dr said the cyst drains on ur cycle, so at the minute i have pains stabbing and sharp and also a contact cramp ache.

am not pregnant have tested but am concerned incase it could be an eptopic pregnancy i am going to doc tomorrow c what they say

good luck for the scan try not to worry

messylittlemonkey Wed 12-Nov-08 14:20:38

Sorry to hear you're having problems too, Stewart. Hope the doc puts your mind at rest.

I'm starting to feel like such a hypochondriac, keep trying to ignore the aches and pains and then new symptoms appear.

In the past couple of days I've had spells of nausea (couldn't eat breakfast this morning), trouble passing urine and a feeling of pressure around the base of my back/bottom/tops of thigh area.

I had a sudden thought that I might be pregnant as some of the symptoms are the same as when I was pg with my daughter, but think it unlikely as I've had two normal periods since we were last ttc.

Guess I'll have to wait and see!

Hopeoverexperience Wed 12-Nov-08 15:16:33

One diagnosis to perhaps consider would be Hydrosalpinx (fluid filled fallopian tubes).
I can certainly identify with some of the symptoms you mention - nausea & pain especially. Also, this can sadly be associated with miscarriage. I have also suffered from Dermoid ovarian cysts which also cause pain. Sorry got to rush to collect DD but will try to get back later. If you think I can help in any way please feel free to CAT me. Hope the scan comes through soon.

messylittlemonkey Wed 12-Nov-08 16:51:18

That's so kind of you Hope.

I'm just finding it so hard to ignore all the various niggles!

Thanks for your help!

hawesmead5 Wed 12-Nov-08 17:23:10

Hi there
I had a large ovarian cyst during my last pregnacy 20cm. I must admit that I didn't have any symptoms other than a bloated tummy and a small amount of spotting. However when I went to the doctor she was able to feel it straight away (she thought I was five months pregnant) It was a bit of a pain during pregnancy but they soon removed it afterwards with no complications.

messylittlemonkey Wed 12-Nov-08 19:05:09

I must say my symptoms are all listed as those of ovarian cysts, but then I've had no menstrual problems or bloating. I'm finding it hard to imagine that a cyst could cause problems without affecting my cycle.
Has anyone had cysts with a normal cycle?

Hopeoverexperience Wed 12-Nov-08 19:21:41

I have had problems with both Dermoid (solid cysts formed from all sorts of yukky stuff and benign) & also fluid filled ovarian cysts - neither affected my cycle in any way. If you have a trans-vaginal ultrasound you should hopefully be able to get a clear diagnosis. The symptoms for Hydrosalpinx are very similar to those you describe. This too can be revealed on the scan. Have you any idea how long you will need to wait for a scan?

PeppermintPatty Wed 12-Nov-08 19:23:53

Yes, I had a very large cyst 4 years ago. My symptoms were a swollen stomach, some pain, loss of appetite and generally felt as if something was wrong. Also had problems passing urine (I think big cysts can stop you emptying your bladder properly).

I knew they was sometthing wrong for about 4 months before the cyst was finally diagnosed. I had been to the doctors a couple of times and he felt my stomach but said he couldn't feel anything so it was missed angry It was only when it was the size of a melon that it was finally picked up - and you really couldn't miss it then, I looked 5 months pregnant.

So I would say cysts are easily missed on examination unless they are very big.

My cycle/periods were completely normal during this time apart from one month when my period was a week late.

I hope this helps and you get your ultrasound soon

stewart2000 Wed 12-Nov-08 19:32:59

mlm thanks for comment sorry i hyjacked this thread a bit, i am in a lot of pain this evening and am worried

if it is a cyst should i be able to feel it or is this something a doctor has to do.

couldnt get through to my doc i phoned 6 times

cant go to a&e as hubby is on nites and couldnt take kids with me

i hope u get sorted with a scan soon if your in a lot of pain if you went to a&E you could get a scan quicker

messylittlemonkey Thu 13-Nov-08 15:07:15

Thanks for all the responses and advice.

Stewart, my GP told me that cysts are hard for them to feel unless they're pretty big, so you could have one that would show up on a scan, but not be felt by a docotr.

My pain is weird. At the moment, my ovary area and back are very sore, have been on my feet at work all morning which seems to have aggravated it, although I was busy all day yesterday and didn't have much pain then.

My nausea along with weird pressure in my bowel and the urinary problem seems to have disappeared today. It seems that the symptoms rotate on a shift basis!

I'm trying not to worry now and hope that the scan date comes soon - I'll give it another week then chase it.

motomoto Tue 27-Oct-09 20:38:32

can I ask something?

if you have a simple (small) cyst that was noticed at a pregnancy scan would it be unlikely to go until your cycle has resumed again after childbirth? ie. if you're still bf-ing, can it delay the cyst bursting?


purplepeony Tue 27-Oct-09 23:00:47

I would say the answer is no. Disappearing Cysts do not always seem to be connected to your cycles. The cyst is often the end result of a previous ovulation, so further cycles are not likely to affect it one way or the other, I'd assume. I have a small cyst and am post meno- so it is never going to go once I ovulate as I presumably never will- it seems to be shrinking of its own accord although has taken over 18 months.

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