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Oh No Everyones got the bug including the cat!!!!

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megandsoph Mon 14-Mar-05 10:11:40

Woke up this morning with DD2 being sick eventually went back to sleep once all was sorted... got up this morning to find the cat had been sick too Grrr cleaned it up and carryed on as norm... Dp was going to take DD1 to school and DD1 started saying she was poorly I thought hmmm is she just playing with me as she knew DD2 was staying home so told her if she felt poorly still later to ask someone to call me to bring her home... no sooner had DP got her in the car she threw up all over him in the car, poor little thing so now she's all tucked up DD2 just completley did the worst nappy ever, the cat just did the same. Does anyone know if kids can pass bugs onto cats or the other way round??? the cat is still a baby herself and doesn't go out yet
and her litter tray is by the back door where the children can not get at it

Cha Mon 14-Mar-05 10:33:44

Don't know but I sympathise. Poor you, sounds miserable .

megandsoph Mon 14-Mar-05 10:45:29

thanks cha thinking on the positive side at least I can take time off to spend it with the children would much prefer to just take the day off when they are ok though

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