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Underactive thyroid gland

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Lindafergie Sat 21-Apr-01 21:13:12

I've recently been diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid and am on Thyroxine tablets daily.
My question to anyone who has similar is - How long after taking pills do you begin to see a change and feel better ?- 4 weeks down the line I don't feel any different - maybe it hasn't been long enough yet.

Any advice gratefully received. LindaF

Bron Sun 22-Apr-01 20:12:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kate71 Sun 22-Apr-01 20:34:11

My Mum takes thyroxine, I think it takes a while to take affect. I do know that she began on a low dose then increased it after blood tests, you cannot start on high levels as it causes palpitations.
Hope you feel better soon.

Amandag Mon 23-Apr-01 11:53:34

I'm on thyroxin and have been for about 7 years now. I've recently had a dosage adjustment and I'm just starting to feel the benefits and it's been about 6 weeks (maybe 7). Has your doc already arranged for a blood test to be done? If not and you don't feel any better in another 2-3 weeks, I'd go back because it may be that your current dose isn't adequate. I am on quite a high dose (250 mcg) but originally started off on 50mcg.

Good luck - I hope you do start to feel the results soon!

Katieh Mon 23-Apr-01 15:20:27

I have been on thyroxine for about 6 years. When I recently fell pregnant, my levels dropped again and my dosage was increased. I must admit I felt the benefits within a couple of weeks.
If anyone is thinking about or is pregnant, ask your GP or midwife to monitor your thyroid levels closely.

Lindafergie Wed 25-Apr-01 21:30:25

Thanx for all your responses. Yes, I have had a blood test since the diagnosis, and my dosage has gone from 25 to 50, and today has been put up to 100, as the blood test showed that the levels in my blood are not up to where they should be - altho' they are rising. So it's going the right way - another blood test in 3 weeks.Linda

Jj Wed 25-Apr-01 22:26:19

How often are yours being checked? I'm 17 weeks pregnant and had tests done right before I got pregnant, then at 8 weeks. The 8 weeks test was due to the fact I was so fatigued, but the levels were normal (yay!). At 20 weeks I have an appt with an endocrinologist, but no blood test scheduled.. unless he decides to have one done.
Do you have a set schedule for tests? After the baby is born, we go immediately back to the pre-pregnancy dose, right?
My ob is great, I just like hear what other people are doing.. :) Thanks.

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