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sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 21:50:24

ds 7 months had last meal thursday at lunch,,,
vomit all thursday evening,...
fever and vomit friday...
diarrhoea Saturday...
only drunk 5-7 oz milk every day
6-7 oz of water,,,
few spoons of baby rice today.....
don't know if give more formula last bottle tonight o water,,,

....3 days no solid

would it be ok...taking him out tomorrow, we are invited at relative's for we'll go by car....
he didn't have fever all day...just a messy diarrhoea twice...

I'll try to feed a little tomorrow...

he's weak of course....he hasn't eaten from Thursday...apart few oz of formula everyday..

what could happen?

mmmmchocolate Sat 12-Mar-05 21:52:30

Has he been drinking water?

Niddlynono Sat 12-Mar-05 21:53:06

Poor little thing.
Sorry to state the obvious but have you taken him to the doctor? If not I would call NHS Direct 0845 46 47 now.

Niddlynono Sat 12-Mar-05 21:55:21

Sorry - I pressed post prematurely. I meant to add that I'd call NHS Direct for peace of mind and see what they said before deciding whether to go tomorrow.
How does he seem in himself?

ionesmum Sat 12-Mar-05 21:55:45

Have you spoken to a doctor? I'd give plenty of water which is the most important thing. The fact that your ds hasn't eaten a lot of solid food isn't so important as making sure he doesn't get dehydrated. If you haven't seen your g.p. I'd ring NHS Direct or your own g.p's out-of-hours service for advice. I wouldn't go out myself because he's likely to be miserable, which isn't a lot of fun; possibly ill again, which also isn't a lot of fun; and you don't want him picking up any of the nasty cold/flu bugs doing the rounds whilst he's already under the weather.

Newyearmum Sat 12-Mar-05 22:02:03

My dd had something very similar a month ago (she was also 7 months then)
Echo the others about water/fluids being important
The doctor recommended dioralyte to us, keep an eye on the temperature. Don't worry about solids, milk just as good at the moment.
Hope he gets better

sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 22:02:18

he has been drinking a lot of water...and Dioralyte...
Today after having a massive poo...he back in himself...playing and smiling ,.....

he had also 5oz of milk this morning and few spoons of baby rice....

Call NHS on the first day....they suggest to feed him formula milk...I dont think it did any good....

I'm not going if he's miserable...but if he wake up ok... is it risky?

ionesmum Sat 12-Mar-05 22:06:22

sasa, only you can decide. I wouldn't, but then I do tend to be cautious. But he is really little. How far do you have to go?

sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 22:09:09

half an hour by car...

dh really wants to go..I wouldn't myself for precautions...

he usually like new house and new people around...and dh reckon is going to be ok...

my dad never would get me out of the house until i back 100% healthy!

ionesmum Sat 12-Mar-05 22:10:40

Could your dh go on his own?

I'd ring NHS Direct or your G.P. If they say no then dh can't argue.

ionesmum Sat 12-Mar-05 22:11:55

I was once on a half hour journey with dd1 (then aged one) when she got car-sick. It was so distressing for all of us. You don't want to go there, believe me.

mmmmchocolate Sat 12-Mar-05 22:12:52

i am a bit of a worrier when it comes to DD (6MONTHS) so i would prob give it a miss too. until fully better as wouldn't want her catching bug etc. Could it not be put forward to next week?

sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 22:15:24

we are fully booked every Sunday for next 3 weeks...

but we'll see............

I might need to insist tomorrow.........

mmmmchocolate Sat 12-Mar-05 22:35:29

See how he is tomrrow might wake up and be back to normal... But nothing worse than a grumpy baby who wants to be at home when your out and will make a protest till he gets what he wants.

sasa15 Sun 13-Mar-05 12:04:04

he seems ok...aparti still refusing solid..just happy and wants to play a lot.
but he's only had milk...about 7oz...and water...

he did a watery fart...but I think is getting rid of the bug....

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