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my mum is going DEAF !!

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biglips Sat 12-Mar-05 20:13:48

and i know it, and ive had my friends/DP telling me that too. Yesterday, we went to CO-op travel agent to exchanges euros to english money and my mum was more or less shouting to the poor girl but mum didnt meant it. anyway she said to the girl "WHAT IS IT AGAIN, ONE THOUSAND 9 HUNDRED... oops ive said it too loud", she thought it was funny. then last night, i ended up hiding in my bedroom with a banging headroom coz mum was shouting (the tv was on low) and my DP said to me last night "get your mum to go for a hearing test".... mum keeps on telling me to shut up but im getting a headache listening to her talking generally (ive been telling her for the past 3 yrs now to get it done) and she fobbed me off saying "ill speak quietly then!!", all day she had been shouting and i said to my brother in front of mum "does mum needs a hearing test, yes or no" brother laughs and said "Yes"...

my mum is like her mum "nothing wrong with me!" (i think she is scared of thinking she is old!!)

biglips Sat 12-Mar-05 20:43:32


coppertop Sat 12-Mar-05 21:11:06

It took dh at least a year of nagging to get me to go for a hearing test. To me the telly sounded as quiet/loud as it always had and people just mumbled instead of speaking properly.

It was only when I agreed to see the nurse to have my ears syringed that I realised the extent of the problem. She said there was no wax and sent me to the GP. The GP stood behind me and asked me to tell her when I could hear the tuning fork. After waiting and waiting I turned around to see if she'd started yet - only to find the poor woman was whacking the tuning fork on the desk as hard as she could.

Could you try the "Have you thought about getting your ears syringed?" route? Would she still insist that it was a waste of time? Perhaps you could enlist the help of her friends. They may well be fed up with the shouting too.

biglips Sat 12-Mar-05 23:41:57

well my mum have her ears sygrined out a few times as she suffer abit from wax and only had them done a few months ago, ive asked and she said she cant feel any wax as hers have a blocked feeling and she knows her ears is full of wax

sansouci Sat 12-Mar-05 23:49:12

Snap, biglips! Isn't it the worst? Especially in public. You're lucky in one way, tho. At least you're not an only child. You've got back-up support.

sansouci Sat 12-Mar-05 23:51:15

But it's dh who has the ear-wax problem. He has to put drops in every night for a week to soften the wax & then the GP tries to syringe it out.

biglips Sat 12-Mar-05 23:54:36

well im not sure what she had got... and worse of all im profoundly deaf and im getting a headache .... earlier on tonight, i was in the back room whilst mum and DP was in the family room, i could hear her shouting at my poor DP and i could hear every single word (the door was open) so i used my mobile to ring mum in the next room and said to her "i can hear every words youre saying, i thought you was gonna speak quietly today?", mum went

sansouci Sat 12-Mar-05 23:59:49

Hee-hee! Has your mum always had a "carrying" voice? Mine has, but now it's getting worse. "Stop shouting, Mummy, I'm right here" I say and she says, "I'm not shouting!"

biglips Sun 13-Mar-05 00:03:07

no not really, its since she had been with her fella for the past 2.5 yrs as they are acting like they are both deaf, before that she spoke and when i was growing up - she never shouts

biglips Sun 13-Mar-05 23:06:41


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