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Cold sores in a 2yo?

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CountessDracula Sat 12-Mar-05 19:18:06

My dd 2.5 seems to have a cold sore in the corner of her mouth. She is very under the weather and bad tempered. Could they be related?

What can I do to treat it? DH has always suffered from them, he uses zovirax but don't know if that is suitable for toddlers. Since he has been taking L-Lysine supplement they have vanished though, anyone know if that is suitable for toddlers too?

WigWamBam Sat 12-Mar-05 19:45:39

When my dd had cold sores when she was about 2.5m, the pharmacist said that we only use Vaseline on them, because children lick their lips and can ingest more of the treatment than they should. However, she did say that if the cold sore didn't go away, or got worse, we could use Zovirax on it. Have a chat with the pharmacist, see what they recommend.

expatkat Sat 12-Mar-05 20:16:17

CD, my ds started getting cold sores at 2.5, too. It makes complete sense that your dd would get one when she's under the weather--that's when cold sores tend to appear. The problem with zovirax (as it's been told to me) is that it doesn't really work unless you put it on at the v. first tingle/symtpom--which you can't know with a toddler or even a small child. If the cold sore has already come up, it's apparently too late to apply zovirax. . .BUT applying zovirax several times a day is supposed to shorten its duration. But I'm too worried about ingestion as wwb mentioned, so I usually leave the sore alone (cold sores don't seem to bother ds too much) and it heals completely in about 10 days. I know that seems like ages.

If you can be arsed to check the archives, there are loads of other suggested remedies. . . I remember tea tree oil came up.

Just make sure your dd doesn't kiss anyone at nursery or anywhere else--they're v. contagious. I'd also recommend having the sore seen by your gp just so you can be sure it's deffo a cold sore. (That's what was initially recommended to us.)

[hijack alert: how's your GF?]

CountessDracula Sun 13-Mar-05 11:08:13

oh much better thanks. Get the odd day where I feel grot still but am generally ok

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