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did anyone experience...this nasty bug? ds 7 months

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sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 16:39:09

had last meal thursday at lunch,,,
vomit all thursday evening,...
fever and vomit friday...
diarrhoea Saturday...
only drunk 5-7 oz milk every day
6-7 oz of water,,,
few spoons of baby rice today.....
don't know if give more formula last bottle tonight o water,,,

what next?
does he not get too weak....3 days no solid>???

Donbean Sat 12-Mar-05 16:44:21

Totally horrendous, my DS has just had it!
Last ate last sat T time, sick every day the trots galore!
Ate and kept food down for the first time yesterday. Eating every thing in sight today!
He is skinny and was very lathargic not even interested in playing.
I started to give him dilute milk, 2oz milk, 5oz water and he absorbed some of that because his nappies were still wet with urine, try that. Good luck, its very worrying isnt it.

sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 16:48:50

thank you for advise Donbean

Socci Sat 12-Mar-05 16:52:52

Message withdrawn

sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 16:56:07

is it contagious at this stage?
going tmorrow to see some friends,,, kids are 3-5 years old.......

Donbean Sat 12-Mar-05 16:59:30

I presumed because he had caught it off some one then yes it is contageous and so i have kept him away from other children so that he in turn doesnt pass it on.
Top tip: make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly when handling any thing that has come out of your little one.
I was rather hoping for a spot of it myself, its got to be worth AT LEAST 5lbs!!!!!

KathH Sat 12-Mar-05 17:39:09

dd2 (8) and ds1 (6) just got over it after about a week - its doing the rounds at their school. am just praying ds2 (5 1/2 mths) doesnt get it altho he's had the squits for a few days!

sasa15 Sat 12-Mar-05 21:43:51

would it be ok...taking him out tomorrow, we are invited at relative's for we'll go by car....
he didn't have fever all day...just a messy diarrhoea twice...

I'll try to feed a little tomorrow...

he's weak of course....he hasn't eaten from Thursday...apart few oz of formula everyday..

what could happen?

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