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is it eczema just on bottom?

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tigi Sat 12-Mar-05 13:00:18

ds aged 3 has always got a rash on his bottom cheeks (for the last 6 mths). I thought it was eczema, but he has it no where else. He is prone to dry skin all over body though. I keep putting e45 on it, but he is always scratching it and making it sore and bleeding. Isn't he a bit old to start getting eczme now? none of my other children have ever suffered from it. Any advice please? thanks

blossom2 Sat 12-Mar-05 13:02:43

My 3 year old DD has exactly the same symptons. I'm washing her with aqauous cream and putting E45 on everywhere else. It has improved her skin condition though.
I'm taking her to the doctors on monday to try & resolve it. I'll let you know what our doctor's say, although i'm in france!!

tigi Sat 12-Mar-05 13:06:24

I had wondered if it was the cold that was agrevating it. My friends son, who does have eczema said it was really bad at the mo beacause of the cold. My sons chest tends to feel 'scaly', and his face looks very dry today, so put some moisturiser on with a fight. I just thought if it were eczema, it would be all over? I thought maybe to do with wash powder, but again, it would show elsewhere. Today though, it looks bright red spotty, but not spots if you know what I mean?

tiffini Sat 12-Mar-05 13:15:38

my Dd has eczema with small outbrakes on her back but her skin all over was as rough as sandpaper, i have just started to use oats in her bath water and her skin is now amazingly soft (cant stop stroking her) and her eczema is starting to clear up. if you want to try it you need to use pure oats, they are very cheap about 25p a bag, then pour some into a stocking and put it into the bath water. WORKS WONDERS

tiffini Sat 12-Mar-05 13:18:50

P.S i found e45 made my Dd skin worse, have not tried it yet but heard SIMPLE is a good moisturiser

psychomum5 Sat 12-Mar-05 13:23:09

just out of interest, is your son dry at night at all. My daughter got really bad excma on her bum at the age of three, and we found it was the fact that she was allergic to huggies pull-ups that she wore at night. As soon as we realised and started to lift her instead, it cleared right up.

tigi Sat 12-Mar-05 13:24:35

I have got a bag of spar porrige oats- 100% oats- will that do? (no one likes them!) I will definatly try it though, as he is scaly at the mo.

tigi Sat 12-Mar-05 13:25:10

no, he is dry, just wears his P'j's

bambi06 Sat 12-Mar-05 13:25:26

yes my daughters the same and we`ve been told its eczema and to not put anything in the bath and use aqueous cream, her whole body is like sandpaper and always has been prone to a newborn she shed her skin like a snake!!

tigi Sat 12-Mar-05 13:26:53

would sitting on his potty agrevate it do you think?

psychomum5 Sat 12-Mar-05 13:28:13

Not that then....Oh well,just a thought.

tiffini Sat 12-Mar-05 13:41:13

yes the spar oats are fine if they are 100%, just as long as there is no salt or sugar in the ingredients (obviously there wont be if they say 100% oats)
hope it works for you

TwinSetAndPearls Sat 12-Mar-05 18:49:02

My daughter has the same rash and we assumed it was caused by her wetting herself during her tantrums. But she does wear pull ups at night so maybe it is a reaction to them.

Psychomum did you abandon pull ups altogether ot try a different brand?

pipsy1 Sun 13-Mar-05 07:20:27

WOW - tried the oats in bath trick last night - It is amazing. Thank you so much! My DD just has very dry sandpaper like skin - no eczema, and even after just one bath it is so much softer. Will try myself tonight!

tigi Sun 13-Mar-05 20:25:20

I must try this tommorrow night- not organised enough today - showers are quicker!

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 15-Mar-05 13:39:43

Do you just put the oats in the water or do you have to rub them on her skin?

handlemecarefully Tue 15-Mar-05 13:48:16

I'm off to get some oats - can't wait to try it!!!

tiffini Wed 16-Mar-05 18:59:51

you need to put the oats in a stocking or a pop sock and just put it in with the bath water, and you can also use the the stocking filled with oats as a sponge ( when wet obviously )

tigi Thu 17-Mar-05 10:32:49

I took him to docs today, and he said it was eczema. He has given me hydrocortisone cream, and i need to go back to get some special shower gel. He said keep using E45, even though it seems to make no difference! It has settled down now though.

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