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Fluoxetine - what do you know about it?

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essbee Sat 12-Mar-05 12:01:04

Message withdrawn

bundle Sat 12-Mar-05 12:02:17

could you ring your local pharmacy essbee? nice to see you...

colditzmum Sat 12-Mar-05 12:05:19

try googling prozac, that is one of the brand names of fluoxetine.

That is a normal dose, and I'd wait and see how you feel before having a drink, because alcohol is a depressant and might make you feel worse

sacha3taylor Sat 12-Mar-05 12:07:32

I had fluoxetine - 1 a day and personally I found I could drink with them, they did take about 3 weeks to work properly though! Hope you fell better soon

essbee Sat 12-Mar-05 12:29:06

Message withdrawn

purpleturtle Sat 12-Mar-05 12:34:09

I started taking 20mg flouxetine end September 04. Took a couple of weeks to kick in - I felt really tired for the first week to 10 days (but I'd felt knackered for ever before that anyway). I found that if I had alcohol I slept really badly, so I stopped drinking for a while. Then I had a weekend away where I slept really badly the first night, and on the second thought 'what the hell, I'll have a drink', and slept like a baby. Been merrily mixing drink and drugs since.
I think you just have to see what effect it has with you.

WigWamBam Sat 12-Mar-05 14:12:43

Patient leaflet here , Essbee

cp3 Sat 12-Mar-05 14:15:16

Esbee hiya honey. They were the same ones i was put on, remember i was quite ill at first but have worked a treat. Also on 20mg a day. Stopped taking them a few days ago when i found out i was pregnant. Doc said i may get a few side effects but i shouldnt go downhill again as the pregnancy hormones will even stuff out

Mirage Sat 12-Mar-05 17:17:35


I had no side effects the 1st time I took Fluoxetine.I also had the odd drink & suffered no ill effects.

I think I took 20mg once a day-I may still have a box upstairs,I'll have a look for you later & see what it says.

kate100 Sat 12-Mar-05 17:30:02

I took them with no side effects, except for feeling better. A bit better after 2 weeks and much better after 4.

Don't be embarrassed to talk to the pharmacist. DH is one and he's heard it all. He'll happily discuss everything from paracetamol to suppositories ......... and everything in between.

mummytosteven Sat 12-Mar-05 18:00:13

Hi Essbee.
Fluoextine is the same as Prozac. 20 mg is a fairly low dose (think it is the usual dose for depression). Apart from the depressant qualities of alcohol, you should be fine having a drink with them, but alcohol and any AD can be a strange combination - make you drink etc, so take it very carefully.

I've had them two times, very successfully. Time 1 - bit agitated for a few days - Time 2 - mildy upset stomach for a couple of weeks on and off - NOTHING REMOTELY INCAPACITATING OR THAT WOULD HAVE MADE ME NEED TIME OFF WORK/NORMAL ACTIVITIES.
No side effects. I'ld say they take a couple of weeks to start to have any effect, and a couple of months to really kick in and have a big improvement - I was more "complex" than you, in that my problem was OCD as well as Depression - so you might find that they work a bit quicker for you. And you've seen me drink erm a fair amount whilst on Prozac without any dodgy results

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