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SPD postnatally

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jop64 Tue 04-Nov-08 20:41:45

I suffered with SPD from 12 weeks of my 2nd pregnancy but was doing ok with support belts and being careful until I slipped on some of ds1's lego at 34 weeks and ended up on crutches.
Postnatally this have been going well, it cleared up very quickly after a superquick gravity assited vaginal delivery and I've been able to do away with extra pillows at night and gradually increase my walking over the past 5 months.
This week though I've noticed more of a constant ache in the joint again and a dragging sensation into my thighs.
I was wondering how everyone else is doing who suffered with SPD?
I'm still ebf if that makes any difference

ilove Tue 04-Nov-08 20:43:06

Your periods are on their way back...tis the increase in hormones that causes the kick in pain again

beetlesbugsandbutterflies Tue 04-Nov-08 20:50:03

I had spd after birth of large baby 3 years ago and still have pain which has recently been diagnosed as osteitis pubis, an inflammation of the pubic joint. (ouch...) i would advise you avoid any strenuous exercise like jogging so as not to aggravate it. you might find it more comfortable to wear those air-filled running shoes which absorb stress when you are walking long distances.

piratecat Tue 04-Nov-08 20:53:40

mine started at 24 weeks. it carried on until my dd was about 3 yrs. slowly got better over that time. I am now on the mini pill, and have foudn that regulating my hormones has worked well to keep it at bay.

jop64 Tue 04-Nov-08 20:57:43

ilove - I really hope it's not my periods! I didn't get those back until 2 months after finished bf ds1 and was really hoping for the same this time round!!

bbb's - jogging? Are you joking?! I couldn't run to the end of the road if my life depended on it (we're number 64 so it's not a long way!!). Good idea about changin footwear though.

Keep the thoughts coming ladies, it's all very much appreciated

ilove Tue 04-Nov-08 22:38:26

I'll be amazed if you don't come on within the next month!

jop64 Wed 05-Nov-08 08:58:12

and if I do, do you think these aches and pains will settle down a bit?

ilove Wed 05-Nov-08 09:44:57

Yes, it will - if you are anything like me - flare up every'll always know when you're due on!

jop64 Wed 05-Nov-08 21:51:40

I asked my physio about it today and she said exactly the same!

CarGirl Wed 05-Nov-08 21:57:04

yes ebf makes a difference, when I gave up bf it did really improve. I also so an osteopath who really helped as I have over tight hamstrings which were pulling on my pelvic cage.

note: DO NOT under any circumstance ever kick a football, it really really hurts a lot grin

saralou Wed 05-Nov-08 22:13:34

i always had spd pains when my period was due, it got better as the months went on

2 years on it's finally gone!

justbeme Wed 05-Nov-08 22:35:13

Ive suffered with Ostis Pubis too (or however you spell it!).
My DD2 is 15mths and i still Bf her. The pains on walking have eased now, but if I sit/lie on a hard surface and move, somewhere down there cracks and I feel like everything is going to collapse. Also when on the loo (tmi) and wiping, it feels like the whole undercarriage "moves" and creaks/cracks.
I cant sleep on my sides in bed , even with a pillow between my knees as it isnt comfortable and when I move, I can hear the cracking.
What has anyone been told to do? My NHS Physio was useless.

beetlesbugsandbutterflies Thu 06-Nov-08 13:59:50

justbeme that sounds a total mare! did you get diagnosed with a pelvic x-ray? i have been told to do pilates, which does help i think as it keeps the whole area a bit stronger. particluarly tightening up the lower abdominals. i am ttc number two and i am dreading it getting any worse.

Appaloosa Thu 06-Nov-08 16:31:03

hi everyone! have a look at this site it may help...good luck w

justbeme Fri 07-Nov-08 20:39:56

Thanks for the website - didnt realise that if you had spd really bad you could get a disabled badge for your car!!

Yes BB&B, I had it diagnosed with an Xray - then I had physio - but then no one has told me what to do from there. Someone mentioned Glucosamite supplements. has any one else heard this?

beetlesbugsandbutterflies Fri 07-Nov-08 23:11:38

never heard of supplements. i think the medics don't really know what to do, you could try another physio as this is common in athletes i think. not that i was ever, ever athletic which is even more annoying! my consultant said SPD would continue through BF because of the hormones so that might be the case with OP but that's a tough one...

herbietea Fri 07-Nov-08 23:21:15

Message withdrawn

callmeovercautious Fri 07-Nov-08 23:26:57

Mine carried on for about 18m. Then just my ankle hurt.

GP referred me to a Physio who realised that as I was still BFing that it was probably linked to hormones. He gave me some excercises to do at home, saw me a few times and then it all seemed much better.

Still BFing her now at 26m and no pain. The Physio definately helped, along with vitamins and a lot of walking!

justbeme Sat 08-Nov-08 11:59:39

Herbitea - wow you've been through so much!!
Im not actually in pain now though, its more the creaking/moving of all the joints down there. I guess I could see how it goes when I give up BF in a few months.

Thanks for the OP for this thread as it is a subject not discussed much. I didnt find much when I did a search on here.

beetlesbugsandbutterflies Sat 08-Nov-08 17:15:14

any opinions on CS vs normal delivery with this? i had a normal delivery with DS which the consultant believes played a part - over 9lbs and delivered with my feet pushing against midwives' hips which i gather is not ideal. planning number 2 right now and veering towards an elective to avoid further trauma.

RubyRioja Sat 08-Nov-08 17:25:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ninaandbean Wed 10-Nov-10 15:28:34

hiya - just wanted to resurrect this thread. I know most peeps who posted in this thread two years ago won't still be on here, but for anyone else with postnatal SPD... I'm just feeling really fed up and wondered if there's more of us out there?

I'm only 4 months postnatal, delivery was forceps in theatre (ouch) and my SPD is still lingering on. I can walk without crutches now, and I can turn in bed which looking through this thread, I should be grateful for, but it still hurts. A lot. Especially on the joint at the front - my back aches a lot, but it's the hot, burning, focused pain in my pubic bone that gets me down.

My doctor has put me on diclofenic long term, and I have a physio referral next week. I saw a pilates rehab instructor a couple of weeks ago, but my whole pelvis rocked and cracked when we tried to do basic exercises so she refused to continue. I am so frustrated. I don't know how to get better when I can't seem to do anything to help myself.

Any advice? What did you do by yourself that actually helped?

August5 Wed 10-Nov-10 22:53:12

I developed spd from my 32nd week of pregnancy, I was virtually unable to walk before and after the birth of ds 8 months ago. Physio at the hospital said she couldn't do anything for me when I was pregnant, I then started physiotherapy on the nhs after the birth but quickly switched to private treatment. It was the best decision I have ever made. My impression is that most nhs physios are not trained properly to deal with spd successfully. I am now 8 months postnatal and I can walk for at least 45 minutes, push prams, look after ds on my own and lift my 2-year-old DD. My advice to anyone suffering from this and wondering what to do next would be to find out a recommended therapist in your local area. PINS (pelvic instability network Scotland) and the Pelvic Partnership have lists of recommended practitioners all over the UK. The Pelvic Partnership has a helpline and talking to them helped me realise that I was not getting the right treatment. From what I've heard you can get good treatment from either a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor as long as they are knowledgeable about the condition.

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