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MS - any advice about telling people when it starts getting worse

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poppyknot Tue 04-Nov-08 13:44:32

I was diagnosed over three years ago and told very few people. My symptoms were not too obvious and no one ever asked if there was anything wring.

This summer we decided to tell my close family and they took it as well as we could hope. However soon after this my symptoms seemed to get worse (so telling them when we did was a good call) and quite a few people (friends and acquaintances) have noticed my awkward gait.

I have told them why where I feel this is the right thing to do. (And they have all responded in a helpful way).

In the last week or so I have felt much tireder and less able to walk but I now feel I have run out of the energy or will needed to actually explain. (When an explanation in a way is even more necessary).

Has anyone else come to this point or even know what I am talking about? I don't really know myself and I don't even think I am asking for advice, just maybe a few experiences from others.....

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