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period advice needed .please help me!!

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sweetmonkey Fri 11-Mar-05 17:06:25

i came on last sunday and always know coz i get that feeling in my stomach,it was very heavy and by wed had calmed down and yest was hardly anything
however i have gone to the toilet this afternoon and it is heavy again, also my stomach has felt strange again today
does anyone have any advice?
so much for my romantic night in tomorrow if im on.
have just taken the pill again this pm after been to toilet as i am due to start it again today
has this happened to anyone else

Kibby Fri 11-Mar-05 17:26:34

when I had my last baby my period s really changed just as you describe - normal heavy to start then tail off then all of a sudden back to square one for a couple of days. been like that for almost five years now and last period was two weeks long, if I get that again I'll need to go and see someone. The joys...

sacha3taylor Fri 11-Mar-05 17:31:34

I have only had peroids for the last month as I stopped breast feeding. I bled continually for 3 weeks and then stopped BUT after 4 days have started again . Like you I went from heavy - light - heavy. I am still on the mini pill and this is supposed to give irregular periods.

jamiesam Fri 11-Mar-05 22:13:32

kibby - I'm searching archives etc for someone like me! I've just been to drs because I'm having twice as many periods as normal - sounds like what you describe. Dr referred me to gynae for ultrasound scan for possible polycystic ovaries (NOT syndrome!). Do consider going to drs too.

Kibby Sun 13-Mar-05 22:52:54

just seen this, I'll go and see about it. While we're on this subject has anyone any experience of this - every month a week or so before my period starts i get a very sore pain in that area, a sharp pain almost like glass and I can't wear pants or have sex , very painful.

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