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Please help me reset my body clock

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exasperatedmummy Mon 03-Nov-08 16:30:34

I am KNACKERED, i feel like i just want to go to sleep somewhere, and i have felt like this, well, since i got up really. but heres the thing, once i have DD upstairs in bed, betwen about eight and nine (DP does bedtime) i am wide awake. I then stay up watching shit on TV until midnight or half one hmm I would go to bed, but im NOT TIRED hmm My body is being terribly mean to me right now

It doesnt help that DD is still in with us (aged 3) but that should be sorted within the next few weeks.

I want SOME time to myself and that is why i think we end up staying up so late, but i feel like shit and i know this is a big part of it

exasperatedmummy Mon 03-Nov-08 16:54:26

everyone else must be asleep too then

RubberDuck Mon 03-Nov-08 17:01:15

Best way is to take it slowly - do you have proper "routines" to go to bed with? (eg. warm drink, read in bed to wind down etc before lights out?)

Avoid TV an hour before you want to go to sleep as it gets your brain working too hard - better to read a book. Have less bright lights in your bedroom too so when you're winding down you're programming your mind that it's sleep time.

Try gradually moving bedtime back by 15 or 10 minutes a day until you get back to a sensible pattern again. It is hard work, but it is doable.

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