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PMS worse since dd 5 months ago

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Looby34 Thu 30-Oct-08 20:29:43

I had ds in May and also have dd who is nearly 3. I seem to be suffering worse with PMS since having ds. Today I feel like crying at the slightest thing and have really been snappy with my toddler.

I'm going to sound like a real whinger now but ds is a really sicky baby. I am constantly mopping up sick, being sicked up on, I feel like a complete pleb in my ancient tracksuit, hair scraped back etc. I am getting enough sleep thank god, as ds is just about sleeping through - but I can tell my husband is getting tired of no bedroom action and it is making me feel stressed. I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to have sex. I feel all my time is spent doing things for others and sex is just something else I have to do for someone else. It's probably been 2 months now. I never had a high sex drive before we had kids but it's even worse now. I also have had a really bad skin break out that won't shift. I have been to the Dr and got some cream but this is just adding to making me feel completely unattractive.

I guess I have just posted today in the hope that some of you out there have been through this and can sympathise - but also to ask how to help with the PMS. Recommended supplements etc.

Thanks sad.

misi Fri 31-Oct-08 00:55:35

women can often experience hormone upsets/imbalances after birth and the timescale you say is quite common.

I have many supps in my arsenal but you need to see someone really to work out what is right for you. you need to re balance your hormones and clear the excess oestrogen out (this is a major cause of PMS) hormone imbalances are also a major contributor to low sex drive believe it or not!!
some people may tell you to go on evening primrose oil but as EPO contains omega6 which produces prostaglandins - precursors to hormones, then you can make the situation worse so until you have seen someone be wary of this. If you want to go the natural way (in my experience, the main thing docs reccommend is going on the pill) then either look up your nearest qualified herbalist via or go to your nearest independant health shop and see if they have qualified people there

I have had great success with women with PMS/PMT using natural methods so there is hope!!

NumberFour Fri 31-Oct-08 07:55:43

Looby34, I can sympathise completely. I have been feeling very much the same this past week (and in previous months) and also posted here and also received a reply from misi (thanks again, misi!)

For the past few days I was scared I was going do or say something terrible because I was short tempered and so mean. I kept on screeching at my DS and then apologising to him.

Hope you are coping better today.

Looby34 Fri 31-Oct-08 12:44:08

I am so grateful for your message Misi - I will defo look into this. Mym Mum is big into natural remedies and I have been herded along to homeopaths for as long as I remember so I am happy to go down the route you suggested. Thank you so much.

NumberFour - thanks for your message of support and sympathy. I do feel a bit better today. Am very lucky to have a sympathetic dh ! I really hope you are also feeling better. To add my list of woes I have had 2 big babies and my tummy looks horrible (even though I can wear size 8 clothes due to 3x weekly sessions with my hula hoop in front of gmtv when ds is asleep). I have very small boobs and so look really freaky....... No more bikinis for me ! Got two ace kids though xxx

misi Fri 31-Oct-08 13:38:23

I must say I prefer herbalists wink still too sceptical of homeopathy and the six week course I had to do as part of my degree still did not convince me!!

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