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Combined Pill and the Munchies.

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cocoleBOO Thu 30-Oct-08 13:21:16

I was put on Yasmin pill 2 months ago for PMT. I've found on the week I don't take it I could eat for Ireland, I never seem to feel full.

Does anyone else feel like this or am I deluding myself and I'm really a greedy git?

cocoleBOO Thu 30-Oct-08 13:27:58


<<eats biscuit>>

cocoleBOO Thu 30-Oct-08 13:44:28

<<opens crisps>>

cocoleBOO Thu 30-Oct-08 17:52:31

<<has ice-cream>>

cocoleBOO Thu 30-Oct-08 18:26:46

<<changes name to Jonny No Mates>>

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