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Any exercise advice for a sore back?

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TheInvisibleSpookDidIt Thu 30-Oct-08 12:28:38

Think I've pulled my back- it's really sore, have spliting headache, and my left leg's 'tingly'.

I've had to go to A&E twice in the past 2 years because my backs gone into spasm and I've not been able to move. Both times they gave me a jag and a couple of types of pills.

Don't want it to get to this stage again as I've got too much to do over next few days. (and it's our wedding anniversary so DH will be looking for some erm.. 'affection' when i get home from work tonight wink)

I know that rest isn't meant to help (says she who's sitting on the recliner mning and watching tv blush, so can anyone suggest any types of exercise that will 'loosen' me up?


TheInvisibleSpookDidIt Thu 30-Oct-08 13:10:12


Mumwhensdinnerready Thu 30-Oct-08 13:30:13

I've had a back problem for 2 years.
Lower back pain and numb or tingly left leg. Went to my GP and asked whether she could refer me for physiotherapy but instead she referred me a to specialist and after many tests and scans he ended up doing nothing.
I then asked GP again to refer me to physio.
This time (18 months later) she agreed. The physio spent an hour asking questions and bending me about and eventually decided it was a trapped nerve. She gave me a series of excercises to stretch and strenghthen the whole area and they have worked like magic.
Six months later I have no numbness and only occasional pain.
I think there are so many possible causes of your problem that you could make it worse by doing the "wrong" excercise. I can heartily recommend seeing a proper physio who is qualified to advise you on back excercise.

TheInvisibleSpookDidIt Thu 30-Oct-08 13:45:20

2 years? <sob>

Ok thanks. Was hoping to advoid a Dr's visit, but if that's what is needed.

Must be a huge relief to you to be pain free after 2 years. grin

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