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How did your child react to the mmr jab?

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mummylonglegs Thu 10-Mar-05 09:18:08

Dd had her mmr yesterday after my putting it off for about a year. She's 2.5 now. I posted yesterday as I found out later she may have been exposed to a child with chickenpox at the childminder and have been worrying.

This morning dd's quite hot and has a very runny nose. Could this be due to the mmr or is it likely to be unrelated? How did your kids respond to the jab? Did they get the listed possible side effects?

Pinotmum Thu 10-Mar-05 09:31:52

Both of mine had the mmr with no side effects whasoever. I hope your little one is not feeling too poorly.

Prettybird Thu 10-Mar-05 09:33:34

Suspect it will be unrelated. I think any reaction is 7-10 days later.

Ds didn't react to either MMR (he recently had his pre-school booster).

TracyK Thu 10-Mar-05 09:34:19

It may be linked - but then there is a lot of snotty noses/bugs etc going round just now. Give a little calpol and watch carefully??

mummylonglegs Thu 10-Mar-05 09:44:09

Thanks, yes, I've calpolled and am keeping my fingers crossed! Is it about 3 weeks then when you can be fairly sure all the side effects will have happened? Just reading the leaflet I got, which says 5-10 days after may have a fever / rash, then 3 weeks after may get swollen neck like mumps. Then is that it?

RudyDudy Thu 10-Mar-05 09:46:27

Hi MML - DS had no immediate reaction and just some measle type spots around his genitals about a week later. If it's any consolation my DS woke up with a really snotty nose yesterday. Hope DD feels better soon

piffle Thu 10-Mar-05 09:49:38

my ds went into anaphylactic shock with his mmr, still no idea why.
needless to say ain't exposed dd to it!
Hope your dd is ok

mummylonglegs Thu 10-Mar-05 09:51:26

Thanks RD.

Piffle that sounds awful! Was it immediate? I must admit I was coming home on the bus with dd and she had a little dry cough and I started imagining the worst ...

LIZS Thu 10-Mar-05 09:55:10

ds was fine but dd reacted within 48 hours with temperature and cold like symptoms for about a week. Our then paediatrican said it was due to the jab but subsequent one has dismissed it. Coincidentally her cradle cap developed into eczema.

Both had boosters with no such problems.

Toothache Thu 10-Mar-05 09:55:31

Ds didn't have any reaction either. He had his at 18mths. Dd will have hers then too.

Aimsmum Thu 10-Mar-05 09:59:54

Message withdrawn

mummylonglegs Thu 10-Mar-05 11:16:18

Hi Aimsmum , no worries, mail me whenever you like!

Yes, I suspect the runny nose is just another cold. I was kind of hoping we'd have a cold / cough-free couple of weeks while the mmr's pumping through her body but maybe not!

I am worried about her exposure to the boy with chickenpox though. I can't imagine how awful it would be if she got that at the same time. Her immune system needs to be STRONG.

HappyMumof2 Thu 10-Mar-05 12:29:46

Message withdrawn

mummylonglegs Thu 10-Mar-05 14:18:21

Well, dd definitely has a cold and a slight fever. Am watching her closely. I think the cold is a coincidence rather than an effect of the jab.

Hulababy Fri 11-Mar-05 08:33:14

DD also reacted to MMR jab within 48 hours. First HV said it was unrelated, but the GP and another HV both agreed that it was likely to be related afterall. It took some doing to get that response though and I did feel like I had turned into a paranoid mum. But DD was so rarely poorly, and it was too much of a coincidence. She became very feverish and lethargic, and it lasted for about 10 days or so. She lost so much weight and really wasn't herself at all. The day PILs looked after her for me, whilst I went into work, was nightmare for them - as she was so poorly and had a raging temperature that just kept coming and going. FIL was desperate to take her to A&E there and then, but MIL persuaded him the GP might be better. TBH it is the poorliest she has ever been, even to date.

logic Fri 11-Mar-05 08:38:38

Ds reacted to the MMR within hours. He had a temp of 40 degrees on and off for 10 days. It was hell. I am convinced that he got measles from it. Needless to say, I couldn't get any GPs to help and he won't be having the booster.

I hope your dd gets better soon, Mummylonglegs. Personally, I would take her to the GP and be very assertive!

Hulababy Fri 11-Mar-05 08:47:58

logic - DD is also not going to have the booster either. I am considering getting her immunity checked though at the time.

Aimsmum Fri 11-Mar-05 10:13:57

Message withdrawn

logic Fri 11-Mar-05 10:36:24

hulababy, it sounds like our children had very similar reactions to the jab. Getting the immunity checked is a good idea. I only found out afterwards that I had the same reaction to the measles vaccine as a child so there might be a genetic link there. I have no idea what we will do with the new baby...

Gobbledigook Fri 11-Mar-05 10:41:59

No reaction at all in either of mine - that doesn't sound like a drug reaction to me, I think it's unrelated. But I'm not a doctor Hope she's OK soon.

psychomum5 Fri 11-Mar-05 10:52:13

I too defered my kiddies from having the MMR till they were all pretty much over 2. Luckily my HV was fine, but have heard that others aren't quite so nice about it. Did you have to fight mummylonglegs? or wae your's also fine??

As for the cold reaction, it sounds like a normal cold starting, so calpol as you are doing is probably suffise.

With the chicken pox exposure...It takes 14 - 21days for that to develop, so you may find both MMR reaction and chicken pox symptoms overlapping, but otherwise, unless she was exposed that amount of time ago, you can probably rest easy. You can always check with your doctor for more reassurance.

mummylonglegs Fri 11-Mar-05 10:58:09

Well, I'm worried. She was really unwell last night. I suspect possibly she may react like your dd Hulababy. She's had a very high fever all night and couldn't sleep. I lay down with her and all she kept muttering was 'I'm a very poorly little girl' alternating with 'are you still there mummy?' Honestly it broke my heart . She HAS got a very runny nose but I'd be surprised if that's giving her a fever. She normally takes colds etc. in her stride.

I really really hope there's not 10 days of this to come!

Hulababy Fri 11-Mar-05 11:00:27

We find nurofen/ibruprofen (sp?) better at reducing a temperature than Calpol. And you can alternate with them too to get maximum effect.

Lots of sleep, hugs, and vegging out int he house may help too.

Keep an eye on her temperature too, and call your GP if it gets too high.

Lots of sympathies to your little girl.

piffle Fri 11-Mar-05 11:20:22

yes with my ds it was before the needle came out of him, that he reacted, it was very violent but they were prepared well (this was in NZ)
they suspect he may have a needle allergy, some compund in the metal. So not further jabs for him until TB, even that's a maybe.
DD has had measles when she was 15 mths, perfect timing, heaven knows how she caught it, we never left the house!
she was very poorly indeed but came through it well.
Some children def get ill afterwards others don't...
Hope your dd is ok today...

Prettybird Fri 11-Mar-05 12:10:39

There is a flu bug going round with a high fever and a runny nose. DH had it badly - feverish for about 5 nights (especailly at night - the sheets for soaking) and then had a relapse about a week later. He ecomplained of feeling "like he had been at the bottom of a rugby scrum).

Ds seemd to have milder form - just a fever for a night, and few "off" days, together with a really snotty nose.

I thought I'd got away with it, but about 10 days later come down with a sore throat, a fever for a night and then an ongoing cold. But very mild compared to ds.

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