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DD seems to always be poorly recently, Anything I can do?

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Hulababy Wed 09-Mar-05 20:42:16

DD (2y 11m) seems to have been off colour and a bit poorly for a good while now, at least the past 3-4 weeks. She started with a bad cough, and a cold. The cough has never gone - caused by what sounds like a lot of cattarh that she can't clear - as she can't yet blow her nose properly. The cold keeps returning, accompanied by burning up and small temperatures. The cough is also waking her in the night, and she is having a lot of nightmares and night terrors at the moment. Although I guess the nightmares could be related to her subconsciusly worrying about the forthcoming move???

I haven't taken her to the doctors as I know they can't do anything for a cough and cold, but is there anything I can do to help her shift this?

Poor thing must be getting really fed up of it now. And TBH we could all do with a bit more sleep.

Any good advice really appreciated

marinda Wed 09-Mar-05 20:59:10

Hi Hula - not spoken for a while to you. I am having same problem with DS (3.9) and he is laways ill (last few weeks) with virus', coughs, colds etc... and waking in night etc... I think at his nursery it is like a virus zone and every time I go there most of the kids seem to be coughing. He has refused to go to nursery recently and when he is there he makes himself sick so i will come and fetch him - I think this is because he feels so ill. Only advice I can give is keep her away from other kids for a fortnight or so to build up her strenth, maybe ask a grandparent to help- I tryied this with DS and it didhelp for a while. Troube is when they are ill they need pampering etc.. to become strong again. Also I found minidex ( kids vitamin sdupplement helped my DS) although it does turm the poo a black colour ! Good luck !!!

Hulababy Wed 09-Mar-05 21:01:43

Thanks miranda. I think you may be right about the nursery setting being half the problem. And, as a teacher, I do bring home coughs and colds too. Only a week left of that though. Can't manage the 2 weeks from nursery, but could consider keeping her away in a couple of weeks (am having a week off between leaving school and starting nw job).

Just want her back to normal.

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