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chickenpox scare and mmr jab

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mummylonglegs Wed 09-Mar-05 20:39:43

So, after procrastinating for well over a year I finally got dd's mmr jab done today. I felt sick with worry on the way but it went well ... until ... I got home and dd's childminder told me that one of the other little boys she has (on a different day to dd, but dd crosses over with kids he is there with on his day) has just started with chickenpox. I'm now tearing my hear out with panic that she might end up with the mmr and chickenpox going through her little system at once. She's 2.5 by the way. What do you think?

Jimjams Wed 09-Mar-05 20:50:34

If you are worried keep her away. The autism research unit did some research on whether there was a link between chickenpox and MMR and becoming autistic and they found that there appears to be no link. See this current thread (this was contrary to what they thought they may find).

mummylonglegs Wed 09-Mar-05 20:58:29

Thanks Jimjams, I think it's too late if the damage has been done as the mum of the little boy is keeping him away now until he's better. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out now. To be honest it'll take me ages to relax with the thought of all that mmr crap going through her little body anyway ... I work at the Wellcome Trust (big medical history place in London) and did so much research before going for the jab. I already wish I hadn't.

Jimjams Wed 09-Mar-05 21:03:56

I;ve been to a conference at the Wellcome institute. Also took some nightmare students to the exhibition there (fantastic!) they ran riot!

Try not to worry- ds2 has been repeatedly exposed to chickenpox and has never managed to catch it.

mummylonglegs Wed 09-Mar-05 21:05:06

Oh, blimey, that link has made me feel even more terrified. If mmr weeks after chickenpox can have such an awful reaction then what would the result be of the two happening together?!

mummylonglegs Wed 09-Mar-05 21:06:09

Are you near London then Jimjams? What exhibition did you see? I might have helped organise it!

Jimjams Wed 09-Mar-05 21:08:31

The big permanent one for schoool kids. Lots of things to press etc. The conference was a mouse genetics one of some sort (actually can't remember but there were lots of mouse geneticists there).

We used to live in Bromley- but now we've moved to Devon.

mummylonglegs Wed 09-Mar-05 21:14:57

Oh, give me Devon any day. Yes there are quite a few small white furry people in suits wandering round the Trust with test tubes under their arms ...

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