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Snuffly 10 day old baby - what should I do?

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Sara79 Tue 28-Oct-08 18:45:16

I hope someone can help me. My first baby is 10 days old and has been making snuffly noises for the past 24 hours, especially after a big feed (i don't know if this makes a difference but I'm breastfeeding). The noise seems to be coming from her nose, but she's also making snorting noises from her throat. we are very worried as we don't know if this is normal or what to do about it. We were awake for most of the night listening to her breathing last night, and am worried that we'll have to do the same tonight. Also her breathing rate is very high - about 60 breaths per minute, and i understand that it should be 30-40 breaths per minute.
Has anyone experienced this with their newborns and could advise us on what to do please?
Thank you so much.

beforesunrise Tue 28-Oct-08 18:58:11

hi, first of all, huge congratulations on your new baby!

if you are really that worried i think you should at the very least phone your doctor/out of hours doctor/ and possibly go to A&E. it is impossible to diagnose anything over the internet and while it is almost certainly nothing to worry about i wouldn't want to take any chances with a tiny baby!

having said all that... my dd1 was also a winter baby and she was very snuffly in the first week or so. we got a humidifier (you can buy them in argos) and it has been a godsend, honestly it is the best most useful bit of baby equipment and we have been using it ever since anytime anyone has a cold or a cough.

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