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prolapse i think tmi

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manitz Tue 28-Oct-08 13:35:52

I had my fourth birth 8 weeks ago. ended up with cs, first was ecs, then vbac with third degree tear and 3rd was a termination at 6 months with a vaginal birth.

since the 3rd degree tear i've had a lower cervix which seemed to go up at certain times of the month and down again at others. since this baby i've had a bit of constipation and the back wall drops when i try to go. am taking lactulose and fibregel and cant even look at white bread but still need to push a bit which means it ends up in me fanjo. how are you supposed to empty your bowel?

also saw a doc in del ward when ds was 4 weeks who told me to get cracking with the pelvic floors and see a physio said wasn't a prolapse but organ movement. my gp wont refer me for 6 months to a physio and said dont do pelvic floors for 3 months at least because of the section scar - she also thinks is a prolapse but hasn't examined me yet. cs scar does hurt a bit.

what am i supposed to do? do pelvic floors or leave them? all making me a bit down as am grumpy with kids worrying about this. has anyone got any advice?

inabadmood Tue 28-Oct-08 13:48:22

I would press for more help here. You cant be expected to carry on like this for 6 months. I have been diagnosed with a 2nd degree prolapse but had known that something was not right for a while. I too was fobbed off after my last birth and feel if they had taken me more seriously sooner, things might not have been so bad now.

manitz Tue 28-Oct-08 14:11:13

gp says may hust be post birth hormones and to wait a while she is going to examine me in 2 weeks as wouldnt yesterday cos it might upset my kids. they really wouldnt have cared or noticed...

coochybottom Tue 28-Oct-08 16:17:26

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