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Anyone had an MRI scan?

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milliways Wed 09-Mar-05 18:46:59

I had a hosp appt today & have been referred for an MRI scan. Would appreciate knowing what to expect. Is it very noisy / claustrophobic / scary? My DS thinks it will be v.exciting & wants to know why he can't have one!

jbadgirl Wed 09-Mar-05 18:48:41

My ds has had one and it is quite noisy but you may be lucky and have music in the headphones. It only lasts about 8 mins i think.

Laylasmum Wed 09-Mar-05 18:49:23

its not noisy but can be claustrophobic as its a small space you lie in and you have to keep very stiil!Sometimes they are done under sedation if you have a real problem with it but you would need to discuss it with your consultant!!HTH

chonky Wed 09-Mar-05 19:00:52

There's a good thread on this, I'll try & find it....

chonky Wed 09-Mar-05 19:04:35

Here you's written from the POV of children having mri scans, but may help.


Hope all goes well for you

milliways Wed 09-Mar-05 19:16:49

Thank you all so much - just got to wait for the date now.

Arabica Wed 09-Mar-05 19:42:54

I had one in September on my lower back. I did not find it claustrophobic but think it really depends how prone to claustrophobia you are normally. I was more scared about the noise, because had been led to believe I could listen to music through headphones to drown it out a bit, and when I arrived I was told the MRI unit CD player had been stolen!!!! Any questions please ask and I will try and answer.

tigi Wed 09-Mar-05 19:43:42

i've had one, and it was a lot better than I expected, if you concentrate on the noises and try to make a rhythem it makes the time go by! They dod keep asking you if you are ok as well.

Arabica Thu 10-Mar-05 19:25:38

I thought I was the only one making a rhythm! The last jack-hammer noise was kind of clubby-sounding.

emmatom Fri 11-Mar-05 23:47:12

I thought I was brave but found out with my MRI scan that I had claustrophobia , big time. I'd had a few MRIs previously and they provided these weird glasses, like a horizontal periscope that made you think you were outside of the tunnel and all was OK. When the new hospital was built, they didn't provide them!!! I had to leave the appointment unfinished in tears, feeling very pathetic.

The radiographers advice was to get the GP to proscribe sedaton (he gave me 2 diazepan), and to take a friend.On the next appointment my husband held the tips of my fingers that were sticking out of the tunnel. This is not to worry you, but to help you prepare to prevent you being overcome by the irrational fear that I had. I admire you brave ladies but wish I'd had this advice before my scan. The two things helped slightly and it does only last 15 mins. Good luck.

mamadadawahwah Sat 12-Mar-05 08:05:04

Depends what you are having done. I had my knee done and no prob. If you are having your head scanned, be sure to bring lots of interesting thoughts with you to take your mind off of the noise. remember its just noise.

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