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Any psoriasis experts?

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Bumperlicious Mon 27-Oct-08 19:28:25

My sister suffers incredibly badly with psoriasis, has done since she was 16, but it has got so bad I said I would ask on here for advice.

She has it all over her body, her boobs, palms or her hands, soles of her feet, everywhere, it's incredibly painful for her and nothing seems to help. It does seem to be in part caused by stress but being a bloody minded 21 year old who's world falls apart every other day there is not much she can/will do about that. Anyone got any other magic remedies, she really has tried most things so looking for ideas outside of the box. I wonder if diet can play a part? Can anyone attest to that?

GentleGarotter Mon 27-Oct-08 19:31:38

I have heard that psoriasis sufferers can become deficient in Vitamin C and zinc.

Habbibu Mon 27-Oct-08 19:36:20

If she's tried everything, I'm assuming she's had PUVA treatment in hospital? Diet doesn't seem to make much difference to mine - mostly it's stress, though keeping well moisturised (Oilatum in bath, and tons of DoubleBase all over) does help reduce the flakiness and soreness. But mine's not that bad - it was probably at its worst when I was about 19-20 - so I'm afraid I haven't done much. PUVA worked best for me, but mine isn't really worth the expense ( to the NHS) of treating it.

Bumperlicious Mon 27-Oct-08 19:47:58

Is PUVA light therapy? She has had it in the past and is about to have some more, but it's a pain for her to have to get to the hospital. She is in such a lot of pain and is also having recurring abscesses in her breasts which no one seems to be able to explain either.

I will suggest the vits but she complained that she never remembers to take tablets. She's supposed to be on prozac but never remembers it. I suggested a weekly pill box blue tacked to her bathroom door or something, but there is always some problem or another...

Habbibu Mon 27-Oct-08 19:54:21

Yes, it's light therapy. It is a PITA if you're a while from the hosp, then to go and stand in a light box for all of 6 seconds, but it did work well for me. I think you're right - she does need to deal with her stress. Does she exercise? I know that if you're self-conscious about your skin it can be hard to go to the gym, but walking or running might help. It sounds like she needs to find some way of taking control of things - wish i could be of some more help.

GentleGarotter Mon 27-Oct-08 19:55:40

I hope your sister's health improves Bump and you sound like you are caring and supportive to her.<hug>

Dead Sea salts in the bath can sometimes alleviate the itching and heat depending on the severity of the flare up and a cool bed helps at night time.

Bumperlicious Mon 27-Oct-08 20:52:21

Thanks guys, no she doesn't exercise, eats very badly, smokes, isn't sleeping properly, doesn't deal with stress well, boyfriend away in the army...

I tried offering a variety of solutions suggesting that she need to look at her problems holistically, valerian tablets for sleep problems, a light box for her moods, tablet box to help her remember to take tablets, eating better, but you know, she's 21, and I'm just a naggy older sister grin

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