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I am not alone!

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PinkPrincess62 Sat 25-Oct-08 23:38:17

Sorry about before, im new to this site.
I had the Mirena fitted around 4 months ago after having a termination, now this was a very hard time for me and my partner of 2 years.
The nurse told me that the MC will be great for me and there are not many side effects.
Little did i know...4 months or so down the line and i am constantly having a grumbling tummy,cravings,lower ab pain after sex,moodiness and tiredness and also loss of libido..v unlike me!
Now i went to my local clinic to check everythng was in place and after i complained about these symtoms i was told i need to lose weight and not to blame the MC as hormones "are released at the equivilent of 1 mini pill a week", i was on the pill and it didnt agree with me..acne etc.
Guys do u think i should stick with or remove?HELP!sad

PortAndDemon Sat 25-Oct-08 23:40:17

Remove, I'd say (so long as you have other contraception sorted out).

sarah876 Mon 27-Oct-08 12:56:41

bare it out for a bit longer they do settle after a while had mine 4 three yrs , had back pain ect but improved after time

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