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Seeing doctor...what should I say?

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Antonia3 Sun 02-Mar-03 21:34:34

I am going posting-crazy this evening! I wanted to ask something. I have made an appointment with my (v nice) GP tomorrow as feel I am suffering PND (mild, I think, but get really down pre-period). For me, it's all to do with not being able to bf (have posted about this on prev thread). What do I ask for? Do B vitamins help, or St John's Wort? They don't think you are a bad mother if you say you feel down, do they??

anais Sun 02-Mar-03 21:45:20

Of course they won't think you're a bad mum. PND isn't something you have any control over. Haven't seen the other thread you refer to, but have you tried speaking to someone about the bf probs? When I was having probs (giving up!) I phoned the NCT bf line and they were really helpful.

Don't know what to suggest asking for. I'm sure someone esle will have better advice

Chiccadum Sun 02-Mar-03 21:54:14

I've just been diagnosed with PND so know exactly where you are coming from. This is my second time with PND aswell.

I have tried St Johns Wort and didn't feel it did any good, plus it is very expensive, you cannot use the pill with it and it can cause very vivid dreams/nightmares.

I have a doctor now after years of trying who I have complete faith in and if you trust them they will do all they can to help and they will not think you a bad mother at all, I know how it feels to be like this, I have 2 sick children at the minute and they are asleep now and when I look at them I know they deserve better.

If you would like to talk to someone who is going through the same as you I really wouldn't mind if you asked tech to send you my e-mail address.

Frieda Sun 02-Mar-03 21:58:31

Of course not – as anais has already said. PND is also VERY common, as well as VERY curable – and it's important to be as honest as you can be in order to get the right sort of help for you. I do understand how you feel, btw. I was terrified of admitting to anyone just how bad I felt because I felt so ashamed of being thought a Bad Mother.

Haven't tried vitamins or St John's wort, so can't comment, but personally would be reluctant to try anything alternative without taking proper advice.

Good luck – really hope you get some good advice and feel better soon.

Antonia3 Sun 02-Mar-03 22:10:30

Don't you get St John's Wort on prescription? It just seems such a huge step to say, "yes, I feel down". Anais, I spoke to La Leche ages ago (did stupid attempt to get my milk supply back 5 mths post-natal). They were good, but still felt awful. Best support had been on here (my prev thread "failure to bf". Chiccadum, thanks so much - would love to chat to you. Saw your thread about poorly dds - hope they and you are feeling better now. Will ask Tech for e-mail Frieda - feel same about taking alternative remedies. Thanks, everyone.

Antonia3 Sun 02-Mar-03 22:11:10

Ha, didn't mean to put that wink in!!

lou33 Mon 03-Mar-03 13:10:21

Also It's best not to take St John's Wort if you are epileptic my gp said.

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