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How do I let GP know I don't want MMR yet?

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TracyK Wed 09-Mar-05 08:50:18

Do I write to him or phone him?
I haven't decided what to do about mmr yet - but I think 12mo is too young for triple jabs. Will either do triple jabs later or maybe single ones sooner. iykwim.

Carameli Wed 09-Mar-05 08:57:14

Hi tracyk, I agree with you that 12months is too young. Have you had an letter for the mmr yet. My dd is now 17mnths and I have not heard anything from the doctor yet about it. That might be because I was really against it when she had her 8mnth check up. But in any case we decided to go and get the single jabs, getting first in a few weeks time. I am not going to make a point of telling my GP before I see them next. The details will go into her red book which is what matters.

dabihp Wed 09-Mar-05 08:58:47

You should contact your health visitor and talk it over with her.

She can help weigh up pro's and con's as well as rpovide you with additional literature dan videos to help you make the right decision.

TracyK Wed 09-Mar-05 08:58:59

yes - I got the letter calling him for the 17th March. I'm not ready to make any decision just yet so want to put it off as long as poss.

TracyK Wed 09-Mar-05 08:59:56

sorry - I wouldn't trust my hv to give me the full facts. tbh I would trust mumsnet over hv.

Enid Wed 09-Mar-05 09:00:16

dabihp's advice is good TracyK.

lockets Wed 09-Mar-05 09:00:31

Message withdrawn

Enid Wed 09-Mar-05 09:00:37



milge Wed 09-Mar-05 09:00:40

I would just ignore the subject until your hv/gp rings you up for a nag. No one noticed i didn't do the mmr until 19m, and all health people were fine with it. imho 12/13m is far too young for either triple or single, i wanted to wait until at least 18m, and only did it at 19m becauase we were moving home.

Kelly1978 Wed 09-Mar-05 09:01:05

I agree with dabiph, talk to your HV. I delayed my son's MMR as he was constantly flaring up with temperatures, but he is now 2.5 and still hasn't had it, so I do regret not getting it done sooner. It's just been put off for one reason and another, but I did make sure my dd had hers at 18 months.

Enid Wed 09-Mar-05 09:01:39

you could always say that he has got a cold and you don't want to do it, they'll call you for the next round

Carameli Wed 09-Mar-05 09:02:30

well I suppose if you have got a letter it would be better to let them know you want to leave it for a while. Like dabihp said there are lots of leaflets and dvd/videos they can lend you.
There is no reason why you cannot leave it for a few months to think it over.

Carameli Wed 09-Mar-05 09:02:31

well I suppose if you have got a letter it would be better to let them know you want to leave it for a while. Like dabihp said there are lots of leaflets and dvd/videos they can lend you.
There is no reason why you cannot leave it for a few months to think it over.

franke Wed 09-Mar-05 09:05:27

Agree with Carameli - just tell them you've decided to delay it and will be in touch if and when you want it done. This is what we did and there was no pressure put on us by the HV or GP after that.

TracyK Wed 09-Mar-05 09:05:42

Good idea Enid -I always like the avoidance of any confrontation and I didn't want to get into an arguement with them.

franke Wed 09-Mar-05 09:12:12

TraceyK - I understand you wanting to avoid confrontation, I'm the same. But I think if you just tell them you're delaying it, rather than refusing to do any imms. at all there shouldn't be any pressure.

Incidentally, we live in Germany where the health system is a bit different. We found a GP for ds. When we took him for a check up when he was a couple of months old, we explained to the doc that we wouldn't be having any jabs for the time being so she refused to treat him!! Now that is bullying! Needless to say we left and have found a much more sympathetic doc.

TracyK Wed 09-Mar-05 09:34:13

blimey - that IS bullying!

WideWebWitch Wed 09-Mar-05 09:35:48

tracyk, ime if you do nothing they'll leave you alone. Just call and cancel the appt and see what happens. I've never been contacted for either of mine, did you just get a card asking you to make an appt? I did and ignored it.

TracyK Wed 09-Mar-05 09:37:47

no www I got the printed security paper thingy with the appt on it.

SoupDragon Wed 09-Mar-05 09:38:06

My GP/practice nurse were very understanding and didn't bat an eyelid when I simply didn't make an appointment until DS2 was 18 months old. They sent an occasional reminder that's all. No one questioned my decision not to let DS1 (then 5) have the booster alongside his other (late) pre-school boosters. Just nodded, said OK and that was that.

OldieMum Wed 09-Mar-05 10:11:42

We received a letter calling DD for the MMR when she was 13 months. We intended to delay until she was 15 months, but she then contracted chicken pox, so we waited until she was 17 months. We did not contact the clinic and simply did nothing, making an appointment for it the week beforehand. Nobody made any comment. There isn't any need to have a confrontation over it.

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