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Glandular Fever.

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tiredsville Fri 24-Oct-08 17:37:52

I've had glandlar fever for nine months and although i am slowly recovering, I'm still getting bouts of it. I'm so bloody knackered all the time and feeling so depressed. I have been eating well, getting plenty of sleep and taking loads of herbal remedies but still relapsing. Don't know how much more I can take of this. Oh and in conjunction with this, I get hot itchy skin which when I scratch little red dots appear. Doctors have given me loads of blood tests since original positive EBV result, and since then everthing is perfectly normal- white, red cells, liver, platlets. I despair. Feeling hot as I type. Just want to be my old self again.

tiredsville Fri 24-Oct-08 17:38:43

I'm 33.

shootfromthehip Fri 24-Oct-08 17:43:19

Oh poor you- that sucks

tiredsville Mon 27-Oct-08 11:35:19

Wah wah, no one has told me I will get better, wah.

VinegArghhhWasStabbedInTheTits Mon 27-Oct-08 11:37:51

You will get better, it just takes time, my ds had this when he was 18mths, he seems fine now (2.3) but took him ages to get over it

spookycharlotte121 Mon 27-Oct-08 11:52:53

I had it about 2 years ago when I was 18. Ended up in hospital because it effected my liver function. Everyone differs in their recovery time.
Two years on I still get very bad relapses but my doctor puts this down to having 2 children in the 2 years after having it rather than recovering IYSWIM.
This sounds really odd but I found the best thing for me is routine. I have my daily routine of doing this that and the other and then have an afternoon nap (I sound about 90 not 20!)the routine is quite good as my body knows whats coming. that might seem mad but it worked well for me. Try eating food thats high in iron too. there are lots of internet sites out there that have suggestions so the trick is finding one that works for you.

bigdonna Tue 28-Oct-08 23:11:33

hi tiredville hope you are feeling better i had this when i was 14 for four months and i had itchy skin and when itched little red dots appeared then clustered together.i remember being very depressed and cried alot.hope it goes soon,if you havent suffered with this you dont really understand how bad it can get chin up .

tiredsville Fri 31-Oct-08 15:43:31

Bigdonna, you are right, until you have suffered with this, you truly can not appreciate how awful this virus is. Interesting that you got the red dots too. Yeah, you are right about the afternoon naps

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