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mirena coil

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maz40 Thu 23-Oct-08 14:26:08

hi i had my mirena fitted on 30 september. i was bleeding at the time. i have no kids and ive had lots of trouble with periods and constant period pains endometriosis etc. it was nowhere near as bad having it fitted as i thought i just took a couple of painkillers beforehand.i am now on my 25th day of bleeding not much most of the time and i am still getting some cramping every day and still taking painkillers .SICK isnt the right word. my boobs are constantly sore. my friends gp has told her i should never have had it fitted when ive had no children and without them first giving me a blood test to check my hormones as i had fertility treatment years ago. i have a lot of trouble losing my hair which is bald at the back which i use steroid cream on to make it grow back and he thinks all my problems are linked to hormones so the coil wont help. ive had 2 laparoscopie and a major op to deal with my problems as well. going to change doctors tomorrow and see what he says about it all.

emma1977 Thu 23-Oct-08 16:46:14

It is easier to fit a mirena in women who have had children (because the cervix is less narrow), but that doesn't mean than it shouldn't be used in women who are childless. I have several childless colleaugues who have a mirena, and would happiliy fit one in a childless lady if she wanted one. There is also no need to routinely test hormone levels prior to fitting. Sounds like outdated and slightly odd advice from your friend's GP.

It is common to have some degree of daily bleeding or spotting for up to 3 months after a Mirena insertion. There is also a small proportion of ladies who have difficulty tolerating the hormone in it, and it can cause some weight gain, acne, mood changes and hair loss.

May I ask why you had it fitted and who by? Was it recommended by your gynae?

This also may sound a stupid question, but were you definitely not pregnant at the time it was inserted?

maz40 Fri 24-Oct-08 12:09:15

i had it fitted by a gynae in hospital.after they fitted it they said well itll stop your heavy bleeding hopefully to which i replied but heavy bleeding isnt my only problem the pain im in constantly is she said or it might not stop that. i just feel like doctors dont listen they look at ya like ya thick. the other doctor is querying it i think coz of all the trouble ive had over the years ie period pain right thru my cycle etc im slightly confused as well lol.absolutely no chance of me being pregnant

maz40 Wed 29-Oct-08 19:08:16

update still bleeding after 32 days and getting really peed off now. had a period in between all this other bleeding this i know coz my boobs were killing now theyve stopped so far made no difference at all to me in a good way in fact its made me worse.

barbie1 Wed 29-Oct-08 19:12:48

Hi maz i had mirena even though i hadnt had children...i had no other choice as i had migranes and breast cancer runs in the family so the pill was ruled out. I bleed for ages after fitting but then nothing for the three years it was in. Sadly after having it taken out i fell pregnant which resulted in mmc at 12 weeks, i have heard that the mirena does highten your chances of mc after removal

maz40 Thu 06-Nov-08 11:19:18

well i cant have kids as my tubes are so badly damaged off endometriosis. im sorry to hear that u had a mc

maz40 Sat 15-Nov-08 11:27:31

still spotting 49 days on but no pain hardly compared to the period pains i used to get constantly thru my cycle

cheshirekitty Sat 15-Nov-08 14:11:28

49 days of spotting is quite common with the mirena. Can take up to 6 months to calm down.

cositjustisok Sun 16-Nov-08 04:36:36

Have had my coil in since April (7 months) and I am STILL spotting............sorry can offer no help but jsut give it time..49 days really is not that long for the Mirena.....still settling down. Hope it all stops soon for you (and me!!!)

maz40 Wed 19-Nov-08 19:25:33

been spotting for 53 days now been getting terrible period pain and backache for 3 days sick as a chip lol

maz40 Wed 13-May-09 13:37:16

7 1/2 months on the docs taking it out on 3 june due to bad pmt and serious acne THANK GOD biggest mistake of my life having it put in

cositjustisok Wed 13-May-09 13:45:22

I have had mine taken out 3 weeks ago decision bled for a few days post removal but nothing at all now au nauteral...witing for my first period to see how heavy it is. So far have bled less than when had the mirena in.

Hope you symptoms improve too Maz40.

beenish Sun 17-May-09 19:50:13

i had mirena fitted 3 years ago. firts 1.5 year went ok. but now there is irregular bleeding. i just had my periods for 2 weeks.......its just spotting. can anybody tell me does this happen to u as well

trapeze44 Mon 18-May-09 18:15:10

I am due to have one fitted for HRT (I am perimenopausal - very early!) What should I expect in terms of spots and weight gain? And I am off to Weight Watchers tonight - first time! Off I wobble...

stephie101 Tue 19-May-09 17:29:48

Had my second mirena removed after 4 1/2 years, 3 weeks ago it was removed, and period, bit of a mood crash but thats all, any advice or similar stories.

sugababe2 Tue 19-May-09 20:26:07

i had the coil fitted for 4 and a half years, had to get it out early because for the year before i started getting really bad pains so bad i couldnt get ou of bed, then came the sore back and a lot of weight loss, docs put it down to bad period pains, funny i wasnt on my periods, after the last episode when i was that bad, fever sickness, my husband took me to a+e i was then told that for the past year i had an infection of the coil and was getting worse a good job they admitted me for 2 weeks, my blood pressure was that low they considered giving me a blood transfusion if it did not pick up thankfully after 6 days it started picking up, couldnt eat anything and couldnt stop being sick, i am a diabetic as well, never getting the coil fitted again no way, sorry to harp on, even now i get mad with the doctors that told me it was just a bad period.

cavalier Mon 31-Aug-09 17:33:49

I had Mirena coil fitted this july and have read some awful stories. So far yes i'm having irregular bleeding and a LITTLE weight gain. haveing it fitted was for me no worse than a smear really but i know i am a parent so that does help. I am being realistic. My periods were horrendous. and lasted for at least two week never had trouble till i got to 44 years of age . i am 46 next month and giving this coil a fair chance. I think some weight will be gained but only if junk is eaten at a fair rate. It is too early for me to say i havnt put on loads of weight so i might [pardon the pun] eat my words. I am just relieved that my periods have eased even though i am spotting. Tranexamic tablets made me feel ill after a couple of months so the mirena was my next hope. Yes its a bit embarressing having it fitted and yes my boobs have grown a little and are tender but i am keeping an open mind. I hope to give it at least a year before i decide if i want to have this permanantly. I would say try it and every woman is different. Good luck if you decide and i will keep an update in about 3 months.

NIKLOU Wed 02-Sep-09 23:46:05

I've had my mirena coil in for just over a year and have not had any problems except sore boobs when it should it be that time of the month. i have no periods(which saves a lot of money over the month) and its graet knowig that i won't be caught short if i'm shopping! give it a try if yoou don't like it you can have it removed. one more thing to say, they use the cold silver duck thing to put it in!

mumgreg Mon 05-Oct-09 23:10:50

I have had 2 mirena coils and have been very happy with them. No periods for 5 years and very few negative effects.
I have just been to the FPC to have the coil changed as 5 years was up. The Dr explained to me that it is now considered safe to leave the coil in for much longer than 5 years-I am 48 so she said my fertility is reduced anyway!She said if i was still having no period it must be working and if that continues, it could stay in until I was 54!!
I have searched the net for information on this but can't find any.
Does anyone have any information if this has some evidence or is it a cost saving execise-not that I'm cynical or anything!!

mumof2000 Tue 06-Oct-09 08:15:52

going to FPC today to see about marina , but having read stories not so sure ,i get very periods this months being the worst ....i get bad PMT to angry not sure if this will help that or not ..

my cycle is 25 days to so no sooner iv finnished onwe its almost time to prepare for next one ....

should i get swabs done first incase of infection ?
any questions i should ask ?

thanks x

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