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MadameButterfly Tue 08-Mar-05 10:18:00

I always seem to have trouble with smear test and always get a letter saying that the sample taken was insuffiecient. I think the reason for that is that I am very prone to thrush and always my smear test come round when I an just getting over it.

This time however this was not a problem. I had JUST finished my period the day before the smear test.

Today I had a letter to say that Abnormal cells were present in my sample and I need to go again in 6 months.

This is really getting me down. I am getting fed-up of going for test every 3-6 months as this has been the case for the last year or 2.

Sorry for moaning and thanks for reading if you got this far.

fastasleep Tue 08-Mar-05 10:21:11

Aww how awful, I haven't had a smear test yet! But the thought of them makes me shiver! I suppose the doctors/nurses can't really help it if they don't get sufficient samples and stuff.. but it must be a real pain in the bum!

MunchedTooManyMarsLady Tue 08-Mar-05 10:23:55

my smear tests never like me either. Don't let it get you down, at least you're being looked after. Hope the next one goes really well and they don't need to see you for ages. {{{{{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}

Snugs Tue 08-Mar-05 10:23:56

Sympathy from me - I had the same problem with repeated tests and also think it was because of thrush.

I really must make an appointment to go for a smear - last one was postnatal, and DS is 4 in June so I'm just a little bit overdue for going

Hope everything works out ok for you at the next test.

Snugs Tue 08-Mar-05 10:25:21

fastasleep - if it's a pain in the bum someone needs an anatomy lesson

emz31 Tue 08-Mar-05 10:29:55

don't worry MB. i had the same thing about 6 yrs ago and had to go for colposcopys every 3 mths. finally they told me that the abnormal cells needed lasering off. i dragged DH with me for moral support, but when we got there i was told they'd cleared up and no action was needed!
after having DS 8 months ago, i went for my long overdue smear and like you had inadequate results so after my 2nd one am waiting to hopefully get the all clear.
i know they're really not pleasant, but they really are so important as it's the one place that anything could be happening and you really wouldn't know about it.

majormoo Tue 08-Mar-05 13:58:51

I know they are a pain as well but am really glad I went for my recent one-showed an abnormality and I had to have a loop excision on Friday to get rid of the dodgy cells. It was very worrying but painless and the hospital staff (at the Royal Sussex in Brighton) were really nice. I've always had clear smears before I had my daughter (she is 18mths) so I am wondering if having a baby affected it???Does anyone know?

Had just done my first post on mumsnet aswell to join a TTC thread and practically the next day found out about this problem, which puts all plans on hold for at least six months.

beansprout Tue 08-Mar-05 14:04:14

I hate these but like others, have to have them fairly frequently. Have ended up being lasered before now so they like to keep an eye on me. Had one last week and you know, they never seem to get any better....

noddyholder Tue 08-Mar-05 15:21:56

Had a similar experience to majormoo at the same hospital too.It is a pain but you are lucky they are so vigilant

Ameriscot2005 Tue 08-Mar-05 15:28:28

My one and only dodgy smear was taken when I was 3 months pregnant (USA practice). I was clear at the postnatal, +6 months, +12 months, so it seemed like a poor procedure. It was worrying at the time, though, especially as my OB was a total git.

bibiboo Tue 08-Mar-05 22:30:47

Try booking your next smear for 2 weeks after the end of your period. The practice nurse at the surgery told me to do that to avoid "irregular" cells being found as even the tinest bit of leftover blood or whatever can show up as irregular or abnormal, so 2 weeks after period is the idea time to get an accurate sample.
Hope that helps and you have to have them less grequently in the future cuz they are gross

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