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Omg please tell me I don't have thrush in my mouth

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pandaiis Wed 22-Oct-08 01:16:55

My throat is killing me. Very red and tiny white spots at the back. Could it just be an infection as I did have the cold over the weekend?? Quite worried now as dp told me a couple of weeks ago he had thrush but then said he'd got over it (think we were playing the thrush ping-pong again). More worried because I have a baby and I'm sure I've put his dummy in my mouth.

pandaiis Wed 22-Oct-08 01:18:14

Bugger meant to go all anonymous and send it in a name I hardly use

Evenstar Wed 22-Oct-08 10:12:08

I had thrush in my throat from my steroid asthma inhaler, I would say it was more like white patches and very swollen. Can you get an appointment to see your GP today or maybe get the nurse to take a look, the best medication for it is prescription only I think. Maybe get the baby checked as well if it is thrush.

Cranberry Wed 22-Oct-08 14:23:55

Sounds like you have tonsillitis

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