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whooping cough?

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lilyplant Tue 21-Oct-08 16:37:56

my daughter is 4 1/2 not had her pre school booster and had a cough for weeks, at night its terrible, she can go for several hours thenhas a coughing fit where she sounds like she's choking and is almost sick but hasn't vomited yet. She salivates a lot. She can get very distressed with coughing.

Son just over 1 also has same sort of cough but has only been bad the last two days.

baby has had cough for about 3 weeks, it started when he was 5 weeks old. Wasn't able to register with dr until 6 weeks but it jst seemed basic cough at ths satge anyway. Two weeks ago he had sudden bad "choking" coughing fits, getting very dsitressed, appeared to stop breathing momentarily on some occasions, sometimes had vomitting but has reflux so is sick a lot anyway. ON this day 2 weeks ago although he had dr appt for 6-8 week check the next day i went to emergency dr during night, as he sonded rattly and as i was worried about his breathing, (to the point of expecting him to die in my arms) dr said he was fine. However he has not improved, was due to have his imminisation this week so is unimmunised. WHen my daughter was bad last night i wondered if maybe it was whooping cough, and i am worried sick because if she has then thers a good chance that what the baby has too and he is so young it will be extra dangerous for him. I am beating myself up for not doing anything sooner as i did think about whooping cough for my daughter before but only considered it for a second as she wasn't whooping but found out last night they only make that sound in half of cases and she has had a few coughs and colds anyway cos of damp house

rouble is if dr isnt going to take it seriously what do i do, esp as there can be a long time without symptos and there seem well inbetween

sorry this is long and rambly, i'm pretty sleep deprived!

ummadam Tue 21-Oct-08 21:53:07

Hi lilyplant,

I'm not surprised you are worried, it sounds like none of you are likely to be getting much sleep at the moment.

It is possible although unlikely that it is whooping cough. It doesn't sound like it from what you say but I can't tell from a distance and your GP will need to see them to be able to give you advice. Coughs are a pain anyway as they are usually the last thing to go with and cold and before it has gone completely kids get something new and it comes back. My own son is doing this at the moment - he has had a cough for 3 months, sometimes so bad he vomits, other days just a tickle, I know he is ok but it is still hard for the little mite as he is only 9months.

Either way you need to go and have a chat with your GP. Why do you think he/she would not take it seriously? The emergency doctor would have checked he was ok at that time but if it is something ongoing that is worrying you you need to tell your GP that (NHS issue crystal balls are cheap and break down so we can't be psychic I'm afraid ).

Print out this thread - take it to your GP and be 100% honest about exactly what you are worried about and I'm sure they will take you seriously. If they don't tell you what you expect to hear (ie were you hoping they would refer to paediatrics or do a particular test?) then you need to tell them what you were hoping for and let them explain. It is very hard trying to guess what people are thinking.

Hope it goes ok and let us know how you get on.

lilyplant Wed 22-Oct-08 08:30:29

thanks posted this under 3 topics! and had some replies from people who think it could be. its just dr hasnt heard him when hes bad, my youngest is only 9 weeks and i know it can be bad under 6 months

PortAndDemon Wed 22-Oct-08 08:52:27

It could be whooping cough. DS had it from 2 weeks old and it took me three trips to the GP (with them saying "his chest seems clear, he's probably fine") before finally he had a proper coughing fit(with turning blue) in front of the GP, who then referred us to the hospital
(where he was promptly admitted and put on supplementary oxygen).

Part of the trouble is that the only definitive way to diagnose whooping cough is to take swabs (which is uncomfortable for the child) and then it takes weeks for the results. Another part of the problem is that GPs are very reluctant to diagnose whooping cough in someone who's been vaccinated (even though studies have shown that it's not actually all that unusual in vaccinated people (although tends to be milder)). I had the same exact cough (with whooping) as DS when he had whooping cough, but oficially he (unvaccinated) had whooping cough and I (vaccinated) had "a nasty cough".

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