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Father in laws health!

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sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 22:04:52

My FIL has had a quadrouple heart bypass today He is ok, has been taken off the ventillator and we think has been woken up by now. The problem is that my MIL is deaf and blind (FIL is also blind) so we can't contact her we have to rely on family contacting us. The op is not being done locally to us so we can't visit either. Does anyone have any knowledge of this op and (honestly) what is in store for him - recovery.

sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 22:06:05

We have asked him all these questions but we know he doesn't want us to worry and we just want an honest take on what he is going to be going through.

Niddlynono Mon 07-Mar-05 22:18:48

My dad has had several heart attacks and 2 triple-heart bypass ops. He lost both parents and younger brother and sister to heart disease. His last op was around 7 years ago (when he was in his early sixties) and he hasn't had any attacks since then. He celebrated his 70th birthday at the weekend and looks like a 50 year old and still works full-time in a mainly outdoor job and is healthier than ever. He takes a multitude of tablets every day but he's fighting fit. His 2 year old grandson (my DS) also helps to keep him young and active.

i'm afraid I can't offer you any medical info at all but my dad's alive and well and is enjoying a wonderfully close bond with his first grandchild, something I always feared wouldn't happen. I hope this offers you some encouragement and I wish your FIL well.

sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 22:22:38

Thankyou, FIL is around that age as weLL. He has not had heart attacks but has diabetes which we think has something to do with the condition his heart is in. Thanks again. Has anyone else heard of a quadrouple bypass?

nappybaglady Mon 07-Mar-05 22:31:23

Quad bypass is relatively common op. Would usually be in ITU/ type ward for couple of days, maybe longer if lots of previous health probs or if complications arise (like infection or reaction to medication). Will be encouraged to do lots of breathing exercises despite sore chest. Will try to get him out of bed ASAP and gradually take few steps. May be home as soon as 7 days.

Lkely to have wound pain for few months, usually minor. Lots of potential RARE complications but despite being heart surgery it is quite routine for the docs/nurses looking after him

Hope this helps

sacha3taylor Mon 07-Mar-05 22:33:20

Thankyou, this is pretty much what he told us! Diddn't realise scar wound could hurt for so long!!!!

nappybaglady Mon 07-Mar-05 22:42:51

Without wishing to be too gory - it's the bones healing back togethre that hurts. Whole thing moves every time you breath. can't just stick it in a big plastercast like you do with a broken leg.

Don't hug him too tight next time you see him!!

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