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Is constant cough a sign of an allergy?

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kbaby Mon 07-Mar-05 21:32:15

I had a chest infection in August and ever since I have had a irritating cough. The gp said the infection has cleared and that its just a cough. However its peeing me off. Also I keep getting coughing fits where I cant breath in deep enough to cough and clear my chest, my chest gets wheezy and I cant stop coughing. So far its happened when ive been around a dog, drunk red wine, drunk cider and blackcurrant and eaten prawn crackers. I dont know if this is linked or not. I dont know whether to go back down GP and tell him its more than a cough or if it is a allergy then ill put up with it. I just though allergies were where your nose run and sneezed etc not coughed.

Surfermum Mon 07-Mar-05 21:38:09

It could be asthma. My ashtma started after a cold. I realised that everytime I laughed a lot I ended up coughing. It then started happening when I exercised too. I don't get particularly wheezy, just get the cough. It's a really irritating one, very involuntary and not like a cough where you clear your throat. My asthma hasn't worsened and I have months of not needing an inhaler. When I do have it though, deep breathing does bring on the cough.

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